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Vinyl Types and Options

Vinyl Types and Options
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Should you use printed vinyl for your logo, or cut? Would you like a contour cut? How do decals install? All this, and more, included in this blog! Bookmark it, as we've got some good information here!

Vinyl Options

Cut Vinyl
Our most popular vinyl we use is cut vinyl, and most everything you see on our site right now is this option. We offer over 65 colors, and the vinyl is cut from the roll of color. You can get free color samples to see the colors in person (we recommend this since your computer screen may see things differently). Because there is no backing to this type of vinyl, it will look painted on. 

Check out our installation video here for a better idea of how these decals look and install. 

Printed White Vinyl
Exactly as it sounds- printed white vinyl is simply an image or text printed on a white sticky backing. From there you can choose whether you'd like it to be rectangle or contour cut (check out more on this further down). Offering vibrant color on any wall/window/surface type and color. 
Printed Clear Vinyl
Have your design printed on clear vinyl to see your wall color through the edges and gaps. This is a popular choice for lightly colored walls/surfaces or especially windows and glass. Opt to have it rectangle or contour cut. 

Cling Vinyl
Meant only for glass surfaces, cling vinyl uses static to cling to your smooth/hard glass. It is clear, and great for holiday or seasonal decorating.

Rectangle Vs. Contour Cut
For printed vinyl choices you have the option of getting your design either rectangle or contour cut. Rectangle simply puts a box around your design, which you will see on the wall or surface you put it on. A Contour cut would kiss the edges of the design all the way around leaving a small margin around the letters. 
I hope this helped you out a bit, but if you still have any questions at all... don't hesitate one second to call or email us! Our designers can be reached at designer@tradingphrases.com, customer service at info@tradingphrases.com or 800-615-6473. 
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