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Say "I Do" with Wedding Decals

Say "I Do" with Wedding Decals
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Synopsis: Wedding decorating ideas that won't break the bank using vinyl decals and designs. Includes tips and tricks for using wall quotes in weddings.

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Say “I Do” with Wedding Decals

Personalize your wedding with decals

Wedding couples today are looking for ways to make their wedding photo perfect, yet save money. Trading Phrases, a company already well known for their wall decals, has a few ideas that can help the bride and groom with personalized wedding décor. The average wedding venue, while beautiful and accommodating, is generally not very personal. Brides already match flowers with the wedding clothes, but can accent the venue even further with vinyl decals tailor made for the event. A few well-placed decals are the perfect photo backdrop, and dance floor designs have become mainstream in the past few years. Trading Phrases has worked with hundreds of happy couples and wedding coordinators to add a personal touch to what the typical generic venue. They’ve learned a few things over the years about personalizing a wedding and can help you do it without breaking the bank.

The Ceremony

Pews—place a few decal flowers on the ends of the pews, add a monogram, designate rows for family, or add wedding words for touch of playfulness.

Door designs & directional indicators are helpful. Some venues are sprawling, often leaving guests confused. By simply adding a personalized greeting to the venue door guests will know they have the right entrance. Other beautiful but essential signage includes designating the gift table and guest book.

The Reception

The reception area is generally a vast, vanilla space. Most of the candid photos will be taken at the reception. Add color and interest to those photos with a dance floor design. Popular choices include the couple’s names, colorful dots, flowers, or other designs that can be ‘scattered’ over the large floor area.

The walls of the reception hall are generally a good choice to add decals as photo backdrops. The walls behind the reception line, the couple’s table, and the cake, are all ideal areas to add a personal touch such as the couple’s new monogram, a wedding embellishment, or a wedding phrase or verse. These not only add visual interest, but add a touch of color to the otherwise blank backdrop.

Decals can also add a personal touch to reception tables. Glassware monograms are beautiful on rented glassware, and remove easily when the event is over. Try adding small designs to a glass centerpiece for more color and impact.

Of course no wedding would be complete without the “Just married” script on the back of the happy couple’s car.

Work with the designers to bundle the designs to save money. Bundling the designs saves material, and the decal company will happily pass those savings off to you in a design package.

Tips and tricks

Plan ahead: It is best to think of the details ahead of time. Take measurements and a few practice photos while you’re visiting your venue. Understand how to position decals and visualize the sizes and colors.

For the day of the event, enlist one or two people to install the decals. Most companies will include extra practice pieces and installation tools if you let them know that the designs are for a wedding. The practice pieces are great for testing out the surface, and the installer’s technique. Plan for enough time to get the designs installed before the event starts. If another helper will be removing the decals, make sure that they know where they are so that none of them get missed.

Have glass cleaner on hand if the decals will be used on glass windows or doors. The decals come off easily, but they will leave behind some adhesive residue on glass. Use the installation tool to help remove the decals.

For more ideas, visit Trading Phrases and their entire personalized wedding category. They have designers that will work with you for free to create your perfect wedding design package. Once you see the wedding photos, you’ll be glad you did.


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