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Wood Paneling Woes

Wood Paneling Woes
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Synopsis: Guest blogger Katie wrote about our products on wood paneling!


Guest blogger Katie wrote about our products on wood paneling!

As an avid do-it-yourselfer, I find myself constantly pursuing Pinterest and Home Depot sites on a regular basis, hoping for some inspiring ideas that I can incorporate into my humble country abode.  Imagine my delight as I notice a trend towards a retro-chic type style, which seems to suit my 1970’s home quite well!

I’ve always wondered what to do with the floor to ceiling wood paneling that runs horizontal throughout my entire house, as I can’t bring myself to rip it all down. I find a bit of charm in the way the house has a cozy, cabin-like feel- yet, an entire house with wood paneling in every room is a bit much! So here we go... back to the retro-chic ideas I have been spotting all over the internet; apparently wood paneling is making somewhat of a comeback, but this time around it is being painted! Painting my paneling has come to my mind in the past, but I always thought it was something to be avoided... not any more!



I decided to tackle it and try a room and a few coats of paint later, my walls are looking fresh and bright while still maintaining that “country feel”. Unfortunately now without the warm wood accents the room felt cold and really boring... I next wanted to add a little something else to the walls, a little pizzazz that emphasizes my country roots . After perusing endless art ideas, I found the perfect touch for my walls, design "Country Roads" RDM528 from Trading Phrases, which adds a bit of charm to my country home! It took me ages to pour through their site since the have SO many things to choose from (I think I've spotted Christmas gifts for everyone for the next 10 years). 

I wasn't sure which colors would go best with my NEW room- so I ordered their free color samples which came really quickly and really helped me make my decision. I decided to go with the satin copper- you can't really tell in the photo, but it has a beautiful sparkle to it. Everyone that sees my new bedroom HAS to go up to the decal and touch it... they think I painted it, ha! 

Installing it was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I had to press it down between the grooves in the paneling, but all together it maybe took me 10 minutes start to finish. Also, they recommend on their FAQ page to wait a few weeks after painting to let the fumes settle... I did that and had no problems at all- after waiting for my color samples to come in the mail and the time it took  me to finally just PICK a design from their catalog it had been a few weeks anyway. 

I hope you love it as much as I do- and I hope this helps you with your wood paneling problems! 


*Sidenote: I've had a lot of questions about my bedding- I recieved it as a wedding gift from my grandmother 4 years ago, I'm not sure where she got it, so sorry! The lamps were a thrift store find that don't go as well with my new color- I'm currently looking at replacing them. :) 



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