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All Dress(er)ed Up!

All Dress(er)ed Up!
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A junk store dresser gets a super awesome face-lift and becomes a centerpiece!

Amazing Dresser Makeover with Decals

I like to find old things and reinvent them.  Anybody can go to the store and just buy something new, but taking something hopeless and giving it hope...that is something else entirely.


On one of our trips to Goodwill (to look for pieces for another project that we are working on), my daughter and I came across this dresser. It seemed like a perfect candidate. It was sad and neglected, clearly unappreciated, and it really needed some love.


I really liked the sturdiness of it. It was metal, but with a faux wood finish, which I found amusing. At around $10.00, the price was right, so we loaded it up and took it home.


The first step was obviously prep. This thing had been around for quite some time and it needed some scrubbing. Next, I committed to the design. I thought it would be cute to play off of the industrial quality it had, so I purchased some gear decals from tradingphrases.com.  After applying the decals, I thoroughly sanded the parts of the dresser that remained exposed.



Once sanded and ready, I sprayed the exposed dresser with silver spray paint. I applied two coats, and then removed the decals.



This left the original finish in tact in those spots just as I had intended. Yay for decals!!

Finally, I clear coated the entire project and sprayed the original knobs bright orange (I'm not really sure why...just because I wanted to.)



TA DA!!!!! I love how it turned out!! It is right at home in my art room! What do you think? 



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