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Color Closeup- Our Yellows

Color Closeup- Our Yellows
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Synopsis: There are a lot of different shades of yellow- we have SIX! This blog is to help you compare our yellows and pick the right one for YOUR space.

Feeling overwhelmed yet by these lengthy color descriptions? Don’t fret! Thankfully, there are only six shades of yellow to be described in this blog. Another thing to be grateful for is that there is about a 90% chance of you having the comparison items we used in your refrigerator or office! I always like to start by getting the worst done first –meaning, we will start with the bottle of mustard comparison (One of my least favorite condiments).

The closest color to the mustard bottle is Sunshine #19. Sunshine #19 is also the darkest yellow we offer; with Golden Yellow #20 following in a close second, but being a little brighter. This photo also shows how truly “bright” our Bright Yellow #25 color is. Hopefully you didn’t think my mustard comparison was too sour, because this lemon juice definitely is!

If you didn’t think that was funny, then let’s get serious. Here is the comparison with a boring tablet of that ugly yellow paper.

All jokes aside, Maize #838 is the blandest yellow we have. Not to say it isn’t one of the most popular yellows, because it looks fabulous on earth-toned paint, but it does look a lot like this boring paper. As can also be seen in the lemon juice photo, Bright Yellow #25 continues to outshine the others shades. Yellow #21 and Light Yellow #22, though popular, do not stand out much when compared to the other shades of yellow -this is where description can really help. Yellow #21 is a perfect medium between it’s neighbors, Golden Yellow #20 and Bright Yellow #25. Light Yellow #22 is essentially a darkened version of Maize #838.

And there you have it! Not so painful, right? Now for my usual advice: We do offer FREE color samples all day every day... absolutely no cost, it only takes a bit of time. We send them out on a postcard in the regular mail- this is the perfect way to see the colors in person and really decide for yourself! In the event that you have questions about ANYTHING- color, size, installation, give us a call. In order to achieve supreme customer service, we take phone calls from 10am-5pm eastern time, Monday-Friday at 800-615-6473. If talking on the phone isn’t your thing, you can send questions to our live chat operator between the hours of 10am-5pm or an email to info@tradingphrases.com and one of us will respond within 24 hours.

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