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Clearance Sale

Welcome to the end of the line, the final stand, the place where unloved decals come to be adopted. If you are a garage sale afficianado, a bargain bin shopper, or a crafty DIY'er that has never met a project you can't put your personal stamp on, you've come to the place where you can score an amazing deal on wall decals. Abandon all price snobbery, ye who enter here. 

What we offer: Factory seconds, returns, miscut, or generally unwanted designs at rock bottom prices. All of our decals are made from the same premium quality materials, it is just that these decals are in our inventory and are looking for a good home. You save up to 90% off and get a great decal for your project, and we get a little breathing room in the studio. Win win!

We sell our clearance designs in true grab bag fashion. We categorize them as:

  •          Kids Designs $5.00
  •          Trees (uber popular category) $30.00
  •          Graphic Designs (no text, just graphics) $10.00
  •          Phrases & Statements (text based designs) $10.00
  •          Scripture, Verses, and Spiritual Designs $5.00
  •          Holiday designs are $5.00

The Fine Print: 

There is no design choice, no size choice, and no color choice. We don’t specify what you’re getting (everyone loves surprises!, or  so we’ve been told), and there are no returns, replacements, or refunds on any of these bargain basement products. We send them out the door ready to go, so x-nay on claiming that the design is missing anything and you need a replacement (but in a different color, size, and oh yes, design too—we are on to you loophole lovers!) You still get a practice piece and an installation tool to boot. Will this amazingness ever end?

Have you ever wanted to practice putting a design on a wall? Here is your chance! Wanted to test out your surface before plunking down hard earned money on the design you’ve been eyeing? Grab this deal while you can. Need a last minute white elephant gift? You can’t go wrong here!  Be warned, however, that we sell out of these babies quickly. Once they’re gone, they’re gone until we get the next round of ready to be loved decals!

Browse the items below to grab your deal. If you don’t see anything here the deals have all been snapped up by bargain hunting fiends that beat you to the punch. Bookmark the page and come back often because you never know when something wonderful will arrive. 


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