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Classroom Art Tree

Classroom Art Tree
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Take a look at what one teacher did with our decals!

Hello Trading Phrases fans! We just got a really great customer photo from a teacher and thought we’d do a short blog about it. Take a look at this awesome picture above!

She used our Blossom Tree Decal as a display to show off her classroom’s artwork. It looks amazing! This would be a really special way for our other customers to display framed family pictures or their child’s artwork. All you’d need to do is put the decal up and hang pictures as usual among the branches.

As a reminder, if you purchase decals from us, please send us back pictures of your beautiful walls at info@tradingphrases.com ! There will be an awesome coupon in it for you and we love to use customer images on our website or for other things like this! 

Just so you know,  Trading Phrases always offers free shipping on orders over $75, free color samples, and a free practice design and installation tool are included with every order! Don’t forget that our customer service staff are available via e-mail and phone to help you out with your trickiest decal problems!

Remember… your walls should make you smile! 

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