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Blogger Review: Be Original - Decals on Ceiling Fans!

Blogger Review: Be Original - Decals on Ceiling Fans!
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A blogger takes on a ceiling fan design!

Blogger Review: Be Original- Trading Phrases Removable Wall Art

Ask anyone that knows me, and they will tell you that I’m not crafty. And when Trading Phrases sent me the Wall Decor that my Daughter picked out, I was a little (a lot) worried. As it turns out, I had nothing to worry about! And one of my readers will have the same fun I did, when they WIN a $25 gift code to TradingPhrases.

OK, I’ve already admitted to being worried about this project, and this was a 2 step process. Alex picked out a wall decal that says “Be An Original”, as well as Fan Words. We tackled the Wall Decals first.

The directions say to flatten out the decal sheet overnight to make it easier to use. We did that, and then used tape to hold up the sheet where my Wife pointed to. Then I moved it over an inch. Then I moved it back. I used the enclosed tool to rub the decal firmly, to affix the lettering to the wall. Here comes what I thought was the tricky part. I slowly peeled off the sheet, while leaving the lettering in place. Guess what? It was easy! The lettering stayed where it was supposed to, and 60 seconds later, I was done! By the way, I had my Wife hold the sheet so I could take the picture, no, I didn’t paint my nails.

The Fan Words were next, and they were more challenging, because I had to stand on a step stool. Otherwise, the installation was just as easy as on the wall. I made sure that they were all facing the same direction, made sure they weren’t in alphabetical order (because that is what Alex told me to do), then went to work. 30-60 seconds per fan blade, and I was done!





Alex picked out her own graphics, and she ♥ the website. She enjoyed picking out her own colors, and even measured the size of the fan blade to order the correct size decal. I like her choices, the colors really stand out. The Trading Phases website offers tons of choices, everything from Holidays to Inspirational to Laptop skins (very cool).

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