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What are Wall Decals Anyway?

What are Wall Decals Anyway?
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Synopsis: Have you ever wondered what decals actually are or how they're made? Get the scoop here!

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At the most basic level, wall decals are simply self adhesive designs, either text or artwork that are applied to a wall. Decals are graphic designs made from a roll of very thin self-adhesive vinyl. This decorating concept has been steadily increasing in awareness and popularity. Walls are the primary use, but just about any clean, smooth, indoor surface will work.  Decals themselves are not a new concept; they have been in commercial establishments, museums, and other areas for years. What is new is the use of artistic fonts and artwork that makes them beautiful and affordable additions in the home. Designs and styles range from modern and geometrical, to classic and traditional, with just about everything in between. Decals range in size from a few inches to several feet that can visually cover an entire wall.  

It is easy to use decals, and they look hand painted on the wall when they are installed. Best of all, they are 100% removable when you’re ready for a change.

How are they made? Decals begin as a roll of calendared vinyl. The industry standard is Oracal 631 which has a beautiful indoor-rated matte finish. It is 3 mil thick (about as thick a two coats of paint). The vector-based graphics files are sent from the computer to the cutter, and a blade does a ‘kiss cut’ which cuts through the vinyl, but not the carrier paper. The next step is weeding, which is simply removing the excess vinyl. A top layer of application tape is applied, which is used to hold design in place when it is applied. The decal is then trimmed, packaged with an installation tool,a practice piece, and instruction sheet, and then is shipped to the customer.  If you’re ever in Columbus, OH, feel free to stop by and ask for a tour. The process is really fun to watch.

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