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Camping Gear Sources

Camping Gear Sources
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Synopsis: We won't leave you hanging. Here is where to find our favorite gear that we used on this trip!
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Sources for our favorite gear: Continued from page 1
A blanket that represents my favorite Photoshop gradient. How could I resist?
  • Rumpl Puffy Throw the Pryo Fade pattern is an exclusive at REI, but they'd all be comfy and warm
  • Biolite Camp Stove Bundle found at REI for $199.95 (I got mine for $50 off during their anniversary sale!). It comes with the coffee press, the grill, Kettlepot, stove, and a handy USB light. Make sure you get the 2nd generation stove to get the best charging for your devices.
  • Pillowcases, decals, and stencils: you can get any of that and more right here at Trading Phrases. We love doing custom designs and projects-trust us!
    • Throw rug: decal stencils
    • Biolite decal: decals (naturally)
    • Pillowcases: sublimation on fabric (junior sized pillowcases)
    • kayak decals and call numbers--we can do campers, too!
Rugs were a quick DIY project from an old rug pad and using decals as a stencil. Gorilla tape around the edges for the binding completes the look. Ignore the dirt, they really do clean up well. 
  • Chizler: these little pot scrapers and spoon rests come in every decal order for free.
  • Camping/Travel Pillows stuff into their own stuff sack and are very comfy
  • Helio Pressure Shower was one was one of my favorite new gadgets on this trip. I loved being able to clean dishes and generally have the ability to really clean up in the woods.
  • Coleman air mattress: I liked the fact that I can use this for both of us, or I can double the mattresses up and use it for just me when I'm base camping while the hubby is off with his buddies taking a mountain.  The bonus is that you don't disturb your partner when you roll over at night.
  • Silicone wine glasses work with hot liquids such as coffee and tea amazingly well and are easy breezy to pack up.
  • Reusable heavy duty flasks worked well for butter (ghee), oil, balsamic, soap, and even for cocktails.
  • gearline was an item I threw in at the last minute (REI, you cost me so much money!) and I'm glad I did. It kept things neat and tidy and the clips meant that I could dry things and not have them on the ground when a breeze came through.
  • Biolite accessories: I shopped a couple of places with my grill attachment in hand. I found a small saucepan  and enameled 1 ½ qt pot at World Market that fit the bill. Both fit on the grill at the same time if you're really fancy. Cast iron serving dishes would also work, but I was trying to be weight conscious (ha ha ha!). Both the pots and most of the Biolite stove component go straight in the dishwasher and soot is easily removed with a bit of baking soda or a wool pad.  I haven't tried the trick of using Dawn dish soap to coat the outside of the pans before using them, but I heard that prevents soot from forming in the first place. 
Saucepan and pot fit perfectly on the grill during cooking. Both are from World Market. Decal is by Trading Phrases
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