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Color Closeup- Our Purples

Color Closeup- Our Purples
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Synopsis: This blog is a little peek into our purple color selection paired with some common items so that you can see what they look like without having to order samples.

Purple is very “in” right now for home decor. It can be a rich, dark color or a very light, feminine shade. It’s super versatile. Gray and purple in particular can be a very common color combination. So, say you want a new decal from Trading Phrases to spice up a gray bedroom- what shade of purple to pick? What purple shade goes with your particular wall? Don't worry, Trading Phrases is here to clear up any color crises you may have!

Of course, if you have the time, getting our free color samples is the way to go. There is absolutely no cost to you and we send them out on a postcard six days a week. You can request color samples HERE anytime, we send them out daily. This is really the perfect way to see the colors in person and really decide for yourself what looks best in your home! You can also request working samples on this form to test out your wall’s texture before you buy.

But what if you don’t have the time to request samples? What if you need the decal in purple for a bedroom wall by the end of next week for company coming over? We are here to help- that is what this blog post is for!

Trading Phrases has three shades of purple. Let’s start with Violet (40), our darkest purple shade. Below is a picture of our three purples next to a red onion. As you can see, this onion is much darker and slightly redder than our Violet. It’s also nowhere close to our Lilac or Lavender shades. Violet is the closest of our colors to a traditional crayon purple color.

Next, we have a picture below of a grape jelly jar. The checked lid is closer to our Lavender (43) color, somewhere in between Violet and Lavender. Lavender is a medium purple tone, leaning heavier on the bluer end of the purple spectrum. Our Lavender color is very close to the color of actual lavender flowers.

As a side note, we had nothing on hand to compare our Lilac (42) shade to. As you can see from the above picture, it’s the lightest of our purple shades.  It’s actually really close to the color of an actual lilac flower.

The picture below is an assortment of purple things to compare against out three shades of purple. As you can see, eggplants, red onions, and purple potatoes are darker than our Violet color. A dark chocolate candy is between Violet and Lavender, but the wrapper is metallic and much redder. The checkered lid of the jelly jar is closer to Lavender.

As always, in the event that you have questions about anything- color, size, installation, etc.- give us a call. In order to achieve supreme customer service, we take phone calls from 10AM-4PM EST, Monday-Friday at 800-615-6473. If talking on the phone isn’t your thing, you can send questions to our live chat operator between those same hours listed above or you can drop an email to info@tradingphrases.com. One of our fabulous CSRs will respond within 24 hours! Also, if you purchase decals from us, please send us back pictures of your beautiful walls! There will be an awesome coupon in it for you and we love to use customer images on our website!

Have a great week everyone! And remember… your walls should make you smile!

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