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Top 10 Ways to Decorate Dorms with Decals

Top 10 Ways to Decorate Dorms with Decals
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Synopsis: Looking for inspiration for dorm decorating? We've got the top 10 ways to decorate your dorm using wall decals. Decals take up zero floor space (bonus), and are colorful and whimsical--perfect for updating that dorm space!

 Top 10 Ways to Decorate Dorms with Decals

It is back to school time, and dorm season is upon us! If you’re faced with the dorm decorating dilemma, remember that you’re going to squeeze into a very small space. Your dorm should be a place that you want to spend time in. After all, you’ll be spending copious amounts of time studying there, right? Using wall decals to bring a boring dorm room to life is a great way to add color and personality to your 100 sq feet of living space. Decals are easy peel and stick decorating, and they are 100% removable.

Dorm Decal Ideas


  1. Roommate can’t respect your space? Carve out an area that is all yours and solidify the land grab with a monogram or other fun decal to mark your territory.
  2. Use your wall as your personal notepad. Use dots or geometric designs to add colorful writing surfaces to jot down quick notes, phone numbers, or your latest school Haiku about the pizza joint down the street.
  3. Update the tired and aging room with modern and fun shapes, artwork, or motivational words.  You’ll feel more energy when you surround yourself by bright fun colors.
  4. Tile cover-ups are an easy way to cover old, cracked, dingy tile. Scatter a few embellishments to bring the floor or backsplash back to life.
  5. Need privacy on a window, but don’t want to put up curtains? Add some frosted glass patterned vinyl and voila, instant screening.
  6. Left your pet at home? Add one in vinyl so you always feel at home. Bird cages are modern and fun.   
  7. Use decals that are in your school colors. You’ll be immersing yourself in school, which is really the point. Consider a touch of whimsy with scarlet and gray chandelier designs (go Bucks!)
  8. If your room is a bit dark, put up some acrylic wall mirrors (hint: they’re removable and reusable) to bounce some light around the room.  
  9. Does your furniture lack style? Add some class with a vinyl headboard or some interesting embellishments to the otherwise lackluster wood grain mess.
  10. Photo branches are the perfect way to add photos and other mementos. Make your space an instant photo collage that you can update whenever you feel like it.

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