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Removing Decals

Removing Decals
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Synopsis: Tips and tricks for removing vinyl decals from walls, windows, and more.


We often get questions about how easy vinyl wall decals are to remove. Our designs are made of a type of thin vinyl that is removable without leaving a residue behind. These peel and stick designs are easy to put up, and look great until you're ready to take them down.  
Our premium wall decal vinyl is rated as a temporary/semi permanent adhesive. In sign shop lingo, it is for 'short term' graphics, which means that it is meant to eventually come off a wall rather than stay up permanently. 
A close up of our vinyl lettering. Just get one corner started and it is easy to peel off the entire letter. 
Tips and tricks to removing decals:
  1. A hairdryer is your friend: Use a hair dryer to heat up the adhesive on the decals and make it easier to remove.
    Our installation tool comes in handy for removing vinyl. 
  2. Use the right tool: The installation chizzler that came with your decal is ideal to use to get a corner/edge started. Once you get a small piece up from the wall, the vinyl should peel right off. Be patient and make sure that you're not ripping the vinyl off too fast or you may take some paint with the adhesive. Alternatively you can use a credit card, spatula, butter knife, or other tool to get the piece started. A paint scraper on a window or other solid surface is also handy to remove decals. 
  3. Old vinyl (that has been on the wall for a few years) may be brittle and might take more elbow grease than the newer stuff. Any adhesive remover such as Goof Off can also help, as long as the solvent doesn't damage your wall or surface. 
  4. If you have any residue left after removing the lettering, then a simple household cleaner will clean it right up. 



We only use premium rated vinyl that is removable when you're ready for a change. 
Stencil effect using vinyl lettering. By using the decal as a mask, it allowed the image to be revealed as the lettering was removed after the paint dried on our globe craft.
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