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Install at Parade of Homes (Home 1/3)

Install at Parade of Homes (Home 1/3)
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We are lucky enough to have our decals in THREE homes this year at the parade of homes! We've already installed decals in the first of the three houses. Read and see how well it turned out!

If you read this blog, you know that we are in the Parade of Homes here in Columbus again this year, except this year we are in THREE homes. We are overjoyed! Here's hoping that we get a lot of exposure from it and a larger local customer base.


Well, on Wednesday, we had our first installation at the Bob Webb home. Check out the photos below. We think it turned out pretty cool! The designer for the home, Kathy, is certainly an "out of the box" thinker and is making this home contemporary. This is a style not usually used in the Parade of Homes, especially by their company, so we're excited! We are all hoping it turns out well for her.


Here you see the guest room. We used these funky circles in 25" and 18" diameters. Because we didn't have the perfect measurements for the room before we started, it was a bit of a guessing game and then a LOT of math when we got there! I'm not excellent at math...thank goodness Nick and Michael came along! We taped up all of the designs to get an idea of how it would look after we were done and then measured out from the ceiling and left wall to get them all spaced perfectly and lined up just right. We also used a level from the center of the design to make sure that they all looked the same. It took us about 45 minutes from start to finish.



Putting them up to get an idea of spacing...

Measuring and adjusting...


More installing...

The finished product!

It looks amazing!


We used decals in another room in the house, which was the little girl's room. As this is a model home, the name in the design is actually that of the builder's daughter- a small detail that warmed her heart. We used a lot of different colors in this design, and while the photos don't do it justice, it looked really beautiful on the lavender walls. Installation on this one only took us about 10 minutes, and that was only because we had to space out the flowers just right.


Before. (Forgive the terrible lighting.)

Taping them up for spacing...

The finished product on the wall!

It really looks very cool! We can't wait to see how the rest of the room comes together.

We also donated some arrows and some custom "private" signs for the house, so that they can block off rooms they don't want people to go in and direct foot traffic. We can't wait to see the house when everything else gets set up!


Private signs to keep guests out of private rooms.


What do you think? Would you use these decals in YOUR home?

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