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Word Walls: The Hot Trend in Business Decor

Word Walls: The Hot Trend in Business Decor
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Synopsis: Find out how to make a big impact for a lot less with a Word Wall from Trading Phrases. Put your walls to work!
Word Walls: The Hot Trend in Business Decor!
It shouldn't come as any surprise that words can be beautiful and powerful business tools. At Trading Phrases, we think that you should put your walls to work with big impact word wall in your work space. 
Motivational words make a big impact in this exercise room!

Transform your blank walls into eye catching word art that conveys your message to your customers or to your employees. Emphasize what is important in your business in a bold and beautiful way. 

Word walls are affordable and are completely DIY.
Starting at less than $100, word walls stretch your decorating budget further than using typical artwork. 
Choose from 63+ colors, or mix and match to your decor. Pick a big/bold font, or mix things up for more interest and impact. 

Coffee words add a fun and whimsical look to this cafe. 
Create Your Word Wall

It's easy to get started. 
1. Gather up the words and phrases that you want to use. We have a few lists that can get you started, or you can look at some of our photos for inspiration.

2. Determine the font or style you wish to choose. We have several fonts to choose from, and some of the mix and match font styles can be stunning. 

3. Pick the color(s) that suit your space. We will even send you free color samples if you request them. 

4. Determine the size you'll need. We offer these in standard widths (horizontally across your wall), but custom sizes are available. The height is determined by the number of lines used. We can repeat words (in a different font or color) for more wall coverage. 

5. Order your design and we'll get started. We will send you a proof to make sure that we have the layout the way you want it before we ship it out. 

6. Your decal will be ready to install when you receive it. Follow the instructions included and be sure to get a helper or three. These are easy to install, but can be a bit daunting because they tend to be so large. 

7. Now look at all the other walls in your space and order more word walls. We know you're going to love your new look!
Motivational words elevate an otherwise boring conference room.
Get Inspired 

Take a look at some of our favorite word walls shared with us by our customers. 

Need some ideas to get started? Find some inspiration in our growing list of business and motivational words that we've used on word walls. 

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