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FREE Colors Sent To Your Home!

FREE Colors Sent To Your Home!
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Not sure which color will look best? We get that! With 63 colors it can be hard to decide, so we can send samples right to your home for FREE to help you decide!

Okay, so you've browsed our site for what feels like hours. You've seen all (or most) of our 5,000+ designs, you've checked out how we measure size (first width, then height...always in inches!), you've read our FAQs, and you have one five designs picked out that you want. Now for the hardest part... narrowing it down to a favorite, and picking a color! 


Sure, you looked at our colors online, and you have a pretty good idea in your mind about what colors would look good. But how can you really tell from a computer screen? You check your husband's computer and the colors look totally different. So which one is right? Are either of them? Panic sets in. You don't want to spend this much on something to get it in the wrong color, and you certainly don't want to deal with the hassle of sending it back to Trading Phrases! 



Lucky for you, www.tradingphrases.com is all about YOU and we've already thought of this problem. We know that screen resolutions vary from computer to computer, and we know us telling you what they look like on the phone isn't always easy- or accurate! A few years ago, we came up with "free color samples" and were the first company to offer them. Now, they are HUGE and we send out several post cards of samples every day! 



Right HERE you can request your free samples. You can see our color chart, add your address information, and pick your six samples. We process sample requests daily and yours will leave our facility in 1-3 days. From there, it travels via USPS to make  the long trek to your mailbox!


Okay, you got your samples, but as you feared...they aren't what you wanted! Now you are so upset, you ordered the wrong colors and you can't see more than six on your card! What do you do? Don't worry, you can always order other samples. We don't mind! At Trading Phrases, we want you to be happy with every step of your order, even before you place it. We would much rather send you another postcard of colors than have you feel bad when the color of the decal you order doesn't match your decor or pop from your wall how you'd like! 


I like to think we are a pretty cool company and this is one of my favorite things to tell people. Now, if only we could hand deliver it, too...I think that would really set us apart, since dealing with shipping is never fun :) 


Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or simply don't have time for samples! We have several blogs showing our colors up against common household items you would recognize. We also are more than happy to talk to you for as long as you need about your decor and our colors. Just give us a ring at 800-615-6473, Monday through Friday, 10 AM-5 PM EST!




Just for fun, below you can find our color chart- if your resolution is spot-on you can get an idea of our colors!

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