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UpCycled Window Panes!

UpCycled Window Panes!
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Turn an old window into a work of art using wall decals.

What do get when you cross an old scrap window with a bit of vinyl inspiration? You get decorating gold, my friends! We grabbed a few old windows off of a Craigslist “curb alert” and loaded the dusty prizes in the van while the former owner chuckled at our folly. 

Back at the shop, we applied a few vinyl decals to the windows' glass and cleaned the frames up. The result is something that we’re really proud of. We have art that is not only portable, but it makes a beautiful statement with the designs shadowed against the wall in a way that decals on the wall cannot accomplish.

This technique would work well for holiday designs or for seasonal decorating, too!

These are some examples of fun designs that you can use, but just about any of our decal designs are good candidates for this idea of moveable art. Quotes, inspirations, family recipes, artistic designs and more are just waiting for you to get creative! 

Our Featured Designs:

This two color branch with birds and a simple ‘Love’ design go perfectly with this frame nicely. It was chalk-painted in White. We love the way it turned out!

The family definition was the design that started it all! This design was the one that I really wanted on a focal wall, because I love the statement and the two colors that really make the words pop. This one is done in Chocolate (which goes with the original brown of the frame) and is accented in Terracotta.

The Family Monogram is a take on a popular theme of decorating- personalization! This design lets you choose to call out your heritage as Italian, French, German, or Spanish. It also lets you personalize either the number of family members or use it to designate the number of generations, etc. Add an established date and you’ve got a classically-styled family name design that is not only personal, but it has meaning for you and your family. Put it in the center of a photo wall and it will be a fantastic statement piece!

This I Corinthians piece was inspired by a design that we did for a friend of ours that used a song quote on a window in her wedding. The handwriting font looked elegant yet had that rustic handmade quality that looked amazing. It is a piece that went beyond the wedding and is proudly displayed as artwork in her home.



How to do a window pane design:

Find a window pane! Craigslist, garage sales, and antiquing in the country are all good bets. We used a single pane with these designs, but you could go with the multiple panes as well. Paint the window frame if needed.

To install the design, we recommend getting a helper. Dry fit the design on the window to make sure the position is exactly how you’re going to want it.

Remove the backing paper and position the design over the window. Gently lay the design down and smooth the design out working from the center to the edges. Run the installation tool over the design to adhere it to the glass.

Remove the tape layer and reveal your design. If you have a second color or overlay, install that the same way you did the first design. We used a lamp under a glass table as a temporary ‘light table’ to see the designs better. It worked like a charm!


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Morgan Battisti

IT analyst turned business owner, Morgan is the creative director at Trading Phrases--making walls beautiful one design at a time.


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