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Color Closeup- Our Teals

Color Closeup- Our Teals
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Synopsis: Choosing the right color of teal can be hard, so that's why we have free samples and this handy guide to help you out. Read inside for more information!

Teals are a very interesting color set. They're typically bright but still a cool tone, somewhere between blue and green but not really either, and they all have this fabulous color intensity and richness. They are, as a whole, extremely modern colors, especially when paired with a lemon yellow or dove gray. Any shade of teal is great as an accent color for a neutral-heavy room, since all shades have a really rich quality to them. They feel luxurious. We love teals, so Trading Phrases offers three different shades of them!

So, say you want Trading Phrases to make you a decal of your favorite quote so your living room wall will really be “complete”. Your walls are a light gray and you really want a teal shade to make the words "pop". But what shade of teal should you pick? What shade will go best with your particular wall? Have no fear, Trading Phrases is here to clear up any color crises you may have!

Of course, if you have the time, getting our free color samples is the way to go. There is absolutely no cost to you and we send them out on a postcard six days a week. You can request FREE color samples by clicking HERE anytime. This is really the perfect way to see the colors in person and really decide for yourself what looks best in your home! You can also request working samples on the same form to test out your wall’s texture before you buy.

But what if you don’t have the time to request samples? What if you need the quote in a teal color for your wall by the end of next week because your in-laws are visiting? Don't worry- that is what this blog post is for!

Trading Phrases has three shades of teals: Turquoise Blue (66), Turquoise Green (54), and Teal (174). You can see all of them together below.



Let’s start with the classic Teal (174). This is the mid-tone Teal color, perfectly between blue and green. You can see that below in the two pictures. All of our Teasls are against a bright green binder on the left, then a bright blue binder on the right. You can clearly see that Teal (174), the one in the middle, is perfectly between these two shades. As you can see, our Turquoise Blue (66), the one on the top, is leaning more towards the blue end of the spectrum, while our Turquoise Green (54), the one on the bottom, is leaning more towards the greenish end. 




Let's take a look at some various pictures of our teal shades against commonplace items. The picture below (on the left) is of our teals against a false cypress tree. This is a really "true" picture of our teal colors, but you can tell that none of the shades are even close to this cypress green color. The picture below (on the right) is of our teals against a blue recycling bin. This picture was taken indoors and you can really see the difference in the lighting. The picture isn't as "true" to the real colors here, since all of them look too light and washed out. However, you can certainly tell that none of the shades are close to the blue color of the bin.




Here's another two pictures of our teals near some more commonplace items. The pictures came out really "true to color" in these! Below on the left is our teals next to a Salt and Vinegar Lay's potato chip bag. It close to a "robin's egg" blue color, so it's not close to any of these shades. However, this picture really brings out the blue undertones in these colors. Below on the right is our teals next to a bottle of Clean & Clear Face Wash, which was actually teal color, not a green or blue! You can see that the bottle is really close to our Turquoise Green (54) color, with Teal (174) just a shade or two too blue to match. Turquoise Blue (66) is too blue to match here.




I really hope this helps explain our teal shades a little better and gives you a confidence boost to use this awesome color in your next decal! As always, in the event that you have questions about anything- color, size, installation, etc.- give us a call. In order to achieve supreme customer service, we take phone calls from 10AM-5PM EST, Monday-Friday at 800-615-6473. If talking on the phone isn’t your thing, you can drop us an email at info@tradingphrases.com. One of our fabulous CSRs will respond within 24 hours! Also, if you purchase decals from us, please send us back pictures of your beautiful walls! There will be an awesome coupon in it for you and we love to use customer images on our website!

Have a great week everyone! And remember… your walls should make you smile!

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