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Blogger Review: Wrought Iron Headboard

Blogger Review: Wrought Iron Headboard
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How do you add a wrought iron headboard the easy way? Using a decal, of course! Find out how you can change the entire design by using the post decals.

For my review, I chose what has always been missing in my bedroom - a headboard! I was really excited to see that Trading Phrases had a Wrought Iron Headboard decal in Twin, Queen & King sizes. I also liked the idea that you could use the decal with or without the included posts. So I ordered the headboard in queen size, dark brown.



When I first got it, I put it up over my bed without the posts. Since I have some crown molding going around the wall in that area, I couldn't put the posts "connected" to the rest of the headboard like they were supposed to be. So I was just going to leave them off. But then I got an idea...


What if I used the posts going up from the headboard instead of as "leg posts"? I figured I could always remove them if it looked funny. But I think I like it that way! What do you think - Do you like my new way of using the posts or should I remove them and use the headboard without posts? It is fun that you can really make these Trading Phrases decals your own and do different things with them.


Regardless of whether I keep the posts up or not, I love how this headboard looks and how much  it adds to my room! It is a piece of art in itself and it makes me feel cozy to have a "headboard" above my bed. I even liked the practice decal Trading Phrases sent me, it looks really cute above the mirror in our entry!

Trading Phrases
has so many great options and fun decals for any occasion or room. They even have holiday decals - check out this dancing skeleton decal! Wouldn't it be fun to put that up for the month of October and for a Halloween party? Then you could just remove it after the season is over!

Thanks Trading Phrases!


Review by Cheapskate for Life

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