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The Top 5 Halloween Looks Using Decals

The Top 5 Halloween Looks Using Decals
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Synopsis: Decorate for Halloween the easy way: use wall decals for spooktacular decorating fast!

The Top 5 Halloween Looks Using Decals

1. Jack-O-Lantern Faces Decals

If you are anything like me… you get so excited that the holiday is coming that you rush to the store and buy a pumpkin at the first sign of fall. Okay, great, so now you have this pumpkin- but you know that if you cut it into that cute face it will be rotted long before the 31st(why is Halloween SO late in the month, anyway?). Easy solution: vinyl pumpkin faces. Simply stick on these nifty faces (I usually choose black to make it look more authentic), no sticky mess to deal with, no carving injuries (the ER will thank you), and no rotted pumpkin… at least for a while.

Purchase them from Trading Phrases where you have a choice of several packs with different faces. Want to know a handy trick? Don’t tell anyone, but I put a face on each side of the pumpkin like TwoFace (I’m referencing Batman here)- you can switch your pumpkin based on your mood. Want to let your husband know something bad is brewing inside? Simply flip that pumpkin to his mean face and watch him run to the store for flowers or something to sweeten your mood… in a dream world.

Money Saving Trick!  Buy re-usable pumpkins! If you buy pumpkins without faces “carved” in them you can put these cute faces on and bring them out year after year… after year! Need a change? Simply peel them up and stick on a different one. Easy breezy decorating!

2. Dangling spiders & Cobwebs:

I have some of the most awkward corners and walls in my house… ever, I wish I was joking. Not a problem for these guys- dangling spiders. These cute spiders you can hang at a variety of distances so it looks like they are dangling from whatever you put them on. I am envisioning my ceiling, doors, and bookcases all adorning creepy (but kind-of cute) spiders this season.

3. Spooky Trees--perfect for the front door!

Turn your front door into your local haunt using our newest fall tree. The included leaves help you extend the season making it a fall tree when you're not oohing and awwing over the adorable trick or treaters. Two looks in one decal--brilliant decorating!

4. Happy Halloween Entryway Decals!

Not interested in scaring off potential trick-or-treaters? Add a friendly “Happy Halloween” to your lair in hopes of enticing them in. You can place these anywhere you want- but if you want everyone to see them from the outside I would recommend your garage door, front door, windows or siding. Heck, as long as it is smooth vinyl designs also work on mailboxes, cement, rocking chairs, etc! Trading Phrases offers many different Happy Halloween designs that are sure to get you in a decorating mood!

5. Not-So-Spooky Decals

You love candy, kids, costumes… but aren’t as big of a fan of the creepy spooky part of Halloween? Trading Phrases literally has designs for everyone. To decorate your home with a bit of Hallowimsy take a look at the cute witch and kitty or dancing skeleton!

Don’t forget, every order through Halloween will come with a FREE promotional Halloween piece! How's that for a Halloween treat!

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