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The Building Blocks of an AWESOME Boy's Room!

The Building Blocks of an AWESOME Boy's Room!
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Synopsis: Never fear mothers- you don't have to be pigeon-holed into decorating your boys room in a SPORTS, construction, etc. theme- we've got you covered with hundreds of ideas & the decals to support them (or the ability to bring your own design to life with a custom design)!


When you dream of having children you picture decorating their rooms, your house, and throwing great theme parties for them for every birthday... then, when you have kids you realize this isn't as easy (or in your budget) as you wanted it to be. A big dissapointment for mothers is not being able to provide everything their children want- I get that, I've been there! Let me start by saying I can help you out with your home and bedroom designs (and even party decor) without breaking the bank- or your back! 

Now, girls' rooms get a LOT of attention- they tend to be easier to decorate and you can find things EVERYWHERE for them! So- while I can cerainly help you there, if you need it, I am going to dedicate this blog to helping you decorate your BOY room. Boys tend to pose a bit more of a challenge- when browsing your options you basically have 4 main choices- a sports theme, automobiles/trains/etc., construction, or simply BOLD colors. What happens if your boy isn't into any of that- or is, but not enough to decorate his room he will presumably not change for the next couple of years into that theme? You have to step outside the box a bit, and that makes it hard! 

Trading Phrases makes it a lot easier. Not only do we have HUNDREDS of decals to choose from- varying from ordinary to extrordinary designs... but we can also fit those themes above! Not only this- but every decal is cut to order for your exact color, size and personal details. 

How about we start with a name design- every kid is a narcissist likes to see their name, pictures and things on display... all over the place! A great way to incorperate their name into their room is with a decal- it  is mess free, easy to install, and it has no chance of falling on them if the wall gets knocked a bit too hard by that ball they aren't supposed to throw in the house. It adds that personal touch without going overboard- and we have them for big boys as well as babies- hundreds of styles in our Monogram/Personalization category HERE! (note: if you like any of the decals pictured links to all designs are at the bottom of this blog)

Alright, you've got the name- what next? Easy- lets go over the site with your little one and find something he'd love in his room. We have so many to choose from that I'm just going to show you some photos and let you decide for yourself... maybe a dinosaur (what little boy doesn't DIG dinosaurs?), Star Wars headboard, Peter Pan quote, or yes... even sports decals!


If you didn't see anything you were in love with- never fear... we have HUNDREDS more- here is a taste (you can click on any of the photos to be taken to the design on the site). 

Still nothing? Check out this category & the sub-categories and THEN tell me you've got nothing! If that is the case we can create a CUSTOM design for you! Oh geez, a custom design- that sounds expensive! You couldn't be more wrong- our custom pieces are priced the same way the decals on our site are priced and working with our stellar designers is absolutely FREE. You really can't beat that! Go ahead and start that process by clicking HERE.

I sincerely hope you are feeling a little less overwhelmed with your boy's bedroom dilemma- come back and read more... next time we'll hit the GIRLS rooms and really make a spash! 

As promised, here are the links to the collage photos. Enjoy!

Alphabet Name Monogram

Pooh- Braver, Stronger, Smarter, Loved

Star Wars Headboard

Baseball Name

Brontosaurus Skeleton

Where The Wild Things Are- Eat You Up

Peter Pan- Never Never Land

T-Rex Skeleton

Toy Train Name

Triceratops Skeleton

Fancy Monogram

Varsity Name

Baseball Stitches

Giant Basketball

Giant Soccer Ball

Giant Football


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