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Make an Appointment

Call us at 800-615-6473 to schedule an appointment to work with one of our professional graphic artists. This service allows you to talk with a designer on the phone. All sessions and consults are free!

  • 30 Minute Online Session: If you're working on an entirely new design, the 30 minute design session is the best option as you'll have a chance to see the design during the process. You'll need access to a phone and a computer with a reliable internet connection for this session. The designer will be on the phone with you while you view her screen on your computer- you will need to download a secure program for this option.
  • Phone Consult: These sessions are brief 15 minute phone calls primarily to help work through an existing design process. This option is NOT for creating a whole new design- only answering questions or working through problems. During the 15 minutes you will chat with the designer on the phone, you will not be able to view her screen or work on a design.

Please note the following times are in Eastern Standard Time. Please consider the change for your own time zone:

  • Central Time is -1 hour (noon in EST is 11 am in Mountain Time)
  • Mountain Time is -2 hours (noon in EST is 10 am Mountain Time)
  • Pacific Time is -3 hours (noon in EST is 9 am Pacific Time)

If you'd like to schedule one of these, please call us at 800-615-6473, Monday through Friday, 10 AM - 5PM EST. We'll be happy to schedule one for you!

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