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Easy DIY Crafts with Chevron

Easy DIY Crafts with Chevron
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If you've fallen in love with Chevron like everyone else, this guest post by Stacy should be right up your alley!

You know those adorable zig-zaggy lines you are seeing EVERYWHERE, yes, everywhere- it is a new trend called chevron, and it can't be stopped! I'm not sure where the latest fascination with the chevron pattern started, but it seems to be here to stay. 


Personally, I fully jumped on the bandwagon months ago, but if you are looking for some easy and subtle ways to bring this spunky print into your decor I can help you out with that! Here are some glimpses into some of the projects I've done with an easy D-I-Y guide. 



First let me tell you about the lamps featured above- I bought them at Ikea for a STEAL- I don't know if it was a sale or the price they always are, but they were only $5 each, and I couldn't pass up extra lighting at that deal, even if they were a bit... plain. I knew I could do something to the lamp shades and since I had also bought chevron pillowcases for my couch pillows I figured chevron was a perfect tie in! I bought the chevron pattern decals from Trading Phrases HERE


Then, continuing my theme (and my love of all things etching) I found some super cheap affordable vases at the dollar store and couldn't pass them up- they were going to make beautiful center pieces on my table, however, they would need a little SOMETHING. Since I now had this set of chevron lamps and chevron pillows I thought that I could bring a little of the same pattern to my open dining room. Look how it turned out! 


Please forgive my scratched up table, that is next on the agenda. 


Want to know how to make some vases like this yourself super easy? At first I wanted to use my etching cream to literally etch the glass, but with the curvature and size I thought it might be easier (and faster) to simply create the look without actually etching- voila, etching spray! I tell you what, I love this stuff! 


Step 1: Apply Decal to clean vase (I found mine here

2. Spray thin coat of frosting spray (I used THIS)

 3. See how it looks, and if needed, spray a few more coats as it dries to preference

 4. Remove decal 





Done! Do you love it? I sure do- and you can do this with ANY of the decals at www.tradingphrases.com if you need a custom size like I did (though, they added mine to the site for you to order) they are SUPER helpful and can add it no problem! 


Do you like chevron? Leave a comment below! 

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