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Color Closeup- Our Greens

Color Closeup- Our Greens
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Ever wondered which of our green colors most closely matches the colors in your home? No worries, this blog endevours to explain our green shades!

Are you “going green” with your home’s décor and need some guidance? We’re here to help with more of our famous comparisons! If you thought we were getting creative by using the blue Honda, you’re going to love this –we used bushes, trees, flowers, and one sign! Believe it or not, finding green common objects is quite the hassle. After brainstorming with my coworkers, I admired a long and, frankly, pointless list of green items, which included Xbox videogame cases and garden hoses. With nowhere else to turn, I went outside. In this first photo, you will see our greens compared to a common bush/tree outside of our office, known as a false cypress.

As can be seen from the photo, the closest shade of green to this bush is our Forest Green #60 color. Keep in mind that the light is a little tricky here, making the Key Lime Pie #495 appear not as bright as it is. I would describe that color as the closest color we have to a "lime green", but not as neon. This next photo shows our greens next to some Asiatic lilies.

The closest shade of green to match this flower plant would be our Aple Green #63 color, with Yellow Green #64 following closely behind. One thing I love about this photo is that you can see how well our Mint#55 color “pops”! Kermit #61 and Moss Green #62 can get a little confusing in this photo, but it should be known that Kermit is just a hint darker than Moss Green. The next photo compares our colors next to a tree.

In my opinion, this is the truest photo we could achieve of the greens. The shadow from the tree allowed us to get a snap of the colors without the sun altering the colors. Unfortunately, we aren’t perfect and the Turquoise Green #54 color is looking like a really bright blue. Turquoise Green is actually a lot darker than that. In this last photo we got back to our color-blogging roots and found a sign within our reach.

As with the first photo next to the bush, the colors turned out a lot brighter, making the lighter shades hardly visible. I decided to keep this image, though because you can really see the green in Forest Green #60 in comparison to the others instead of it just looking black.

 We hope this blog helped you! Feel free to let us know if you have any suggestions on green items that you would like to see our green colors next to in the future. As a reminder, we do offer FREE color samples every day to see the colors in person and really decide for yourself! In the event that you have questions about anything, just give us a call. In order to achieve supreme customer service, we take phone calls from 10am-5pm EST, Monday-Friday at 800-615-6473. If talking on the phone isn’t your thing, you can send questions via email to info@tradingphrases.com. One of us will respond within 24 hours.

Remember, your walls should make you smile!

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