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Printed or Cut Vinyl

Printed or Cut Vinyl
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Looking for a custom decal?  Find out if Printed Vinyl or Cut Vinyl is best for you! 


Printed or Cut Vinyl?
We absolutely love doing Custom Decals here at Trading Phrases, and we have two different options for creating your designs.  If you already have a design for your decal, you'll need to decide if it should be a cut vinyl decal or a printed decal.  

Check out our options and examples below to help determine which option is for you!

If you have a logo, photo or other image that you'd like printed, you can upload your design and choose your material and size here. We want to give you the best quality print we can, so please be sure to upload a high-quality image of your design. If you are not sure if your image is large enough to print at the size you want, just shoot us an email at designer@tradingphrases.com and we can help you figure it out!
If you'd like to work with a designer, you can submit a Custom Quote Request here. A designer will email you within 24 hours to get started. 
Background Options:
You can choose to have your decal printed on 
  • Clear static cling material (great for glass)
  • White adhesive vinyl (most popular)
  • Clear adhesive vinyl
  • Adhesive Canvas
Your decal will be printed and then cut out according to your display options.
Display Options:
Your decal may be contour cut or rectangle cut to your preference. The contour cut will follow the outline of your design and cut it out hugging the decals curves.  Alternatively, a rectangle cut will leave some extra background vinyl around your decal in the shape of a rectangle or square. 

Our most popular vinyl we use is cut vinyl, and most everything you see on our site right now is this option. We offer over 65 colors, and the vinyl is cut from the roll of color. You can order free color samples to see the colors in person (we recommend this since your computer screen may see things differently). Because there is no backing to this type of vinyl, it will look painted on. 

To get started on your custom design, submit a Custom Quote Request here.

Check out our installation video for a better idea of how these decals look and install. 

Further examples:
Check out this helpful blog post to see more examples of our printed and cut vinyl decals!

Still have questions? 
We're here to help!
Hours: Mon - Fri 10 am - 5 pm
Phone: 800.615.6473
Email: info@tradingphrases.com 
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