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Playroom Makeover

Playroom Makeover
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Synopsis: Have playroom messes got you down? This adorably simple solution by guest blogger Allison will make you want to bring the outdoors in.

Costume Clutter
Conquer clutter with an adorable "hanging branch". Super easy and cute DIY project!
So I have this problem... when we moved the basement became "kids zone." We dumped everything down there with no organization and in the rare event we venture down there it is a pigs den of toys, costumes, half naked dolls, and play food. I clean and organize this area every few weeks, but it seems like as soon as I make any progress the tiny whirlwinds come behind me and kick up a storm of play things once more. 

I started to realize that a big part of the problem is that I don't have any organization for the items, or have places the kids can put them away easily. Yes, my children should clean up after themselves more, granted, but this would be easier accomplished if they could you know... reach the places they need to put things away. Two toy boxes simply don't cut it for such a variety of play things. 

The costume hanger was a good temporary solution when we moved, and I thought my daughter could reach it- she could certainly get costumes DOWN, it wasn't until I saw her tugging on one until it slipped off the hanger that I put it together... even on the lowest setting this rack was too tall for her. I couldn't expect her to put things away if she couldn't. I scoured Pinterest for ideas, but truthfully... I'm lacking two vital things that Pinterest projects require- patience and handiness. I quickly got off track and found wall decals on this site Trading Phrases... and spent the next 40 minutes adding things to my cart. I've got problems, we know this. Then I saw this branch, and I had a hair brained idea! What if the branch could "hang" the costumes? 

Well, I did it. Check it out below. 

Before- I am almost ashamed to share this. The room is cluttered and crazy and still has a while to go, but I feel it does help you understand how much this solution helps! 

I removed the clothes rack and installed the decal on the wall pointing down. Boy, I did not want to put those costumes back, the branch is so pretty!

I wish it could have just stayed like this! After installing the branch I stuck up simple command hooks. Don't do what I did... purchase white or clear ones to go with the branch, and more than I did if your kids are costume rich like mine. You know, next time! 

Ta-Da! What do you think? It is less cluttered, the kids can both get them and put them away as needed, and it really clears up the floor space! I slid some of my daughter's American Girl doll stuff right under there. 

Does the space still look cluttered? Yeah, but I expect nothing else in a kid zone. Does this fully solve my problem? No, I need more hooks (and will add to it). Does it look 1000x better? I basically do a happy dance every time my foot hits the bottom step in the basement- I'm so excited about this!

I got the decal HERE
I found the command hooks at LOWES (but they are basically everywhere)
I have had some questions on the costumes...
left to right: Anna (Disney Store), Sophia the First (Disney Store), Robin (Halloween Store), Renessaince Dress (hard to see in photo, Cracker Barrel), Luigi (Halloween Store), Little Mermaid Tutu Dress (This ETSY Store).  

I later added hooks in a line all down the left for hats, tiaras, wigs, etc. 
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