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Little Princess Thumbprint Art

Little Princess Thumbprint Art
Due to the popularity of our new wedding thumbprint guest books, we decided to spin off in a different direction. We are focusing on baby showers for the new Thumbprint designs. They make for great art and an extra special keepsake.

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We offer four popular sizes, based on the amount of recommended thumbprints each size will hold. Refer to the detailed images for the sizing chart and more info on sizing.
Each of our unique designs were hand drawn by our talented artists and saved into a file to be printed for your occasion. Each one is customized with the name and date, so no two prints are alike.

Each print is also offered on two different types of material:
Artistic Matte Graphic Canvas
Matte Premium Thick Paper

The colors used for the thumbprints are completely in your hands. Ink pads for thumbprints are not included. We found our ink pads very inexpensively on Amazon.com. Also, a Fine Tip Sharpie permanent black marker works great for having guests write in initials or names on their thumbprints!

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