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Grab Bag Sale!

Grab Bag Sale!
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Synopsis: Have you thought about decals but are unsure how they'd work on your walls? Do you have a friend or family member with a birthday coming up? Have you been thinking about doing a craft but don't want to pay big bucks for a decal to use? Trading Phrases is offering a solution starting at only $5!

Grab Bag Items Now Offered!!

Trading Phrases- only the most awesome decal company in existance (am I right?) is making themselves even MORE awesome by thanking their super dedicated and fantastic customers with a HUGE and I mean.... HUGE sale! Find them here! 

For years we've taken these excess designs- returns, exchanges, miscuts, doubles, etc. and we've been creating charity packs for those in need. Don't worry, we still do that, but we are now offering rock bottom deals to YOU on them, also! 


All of our decals are made from the same premium quality materials, it is just that these decals are in our inventory and are looking for a good home. You save up to 95% off and we get a little breathing room in the studio!


We sell our clearance designs in true grab bag fashion- you don't know what you are getting, but you know that coming from Trading Phrases it has got to be good! You can choose the category to narrow it down a bit.



  •          Kids Designs $5.00
  •          Graphic Designs (no text, just graphics) $10.00
  •          Phrases & Statements (text based designs) $10.00
  •          Scripture, Verses, and Spiritual Designs $5.00
  •          Miscellaneous $5.00
  •          Trees (Big!) $30.00


There are no returns, replacements, or refunds on any of these bargain basement products. We send them out the door ready to go with a practice piece and an installation tool to boot. 


Have you ever wanted to practice putting a design on a wall? Here is your chance! Wanted to test out your surface before plunking down hard earned money on the design you’ve been eyeing? Grab this deal while you can. Need a last minute white elephant gift? You can’t go wrong here!  Be warned, however, that we sell out of these babies quickly. Once they’re gone, they’re gone until we get the next round of ready to be loved decals! Snatch them up quickly! We update the page as we get them. 


What are you waiting for? Snatch one up today! Here is that link for you again. =) Happy Grabbing! 



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