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The Chizler: Your New Best Friend!

The Chizler: Your New Best Friend!
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Check out the hundreds of uses of our free-with-purchase installation tool.


The Chizler: Your New Best Friend!
If you've ordered from us before, you know we give you a couple of freebies in every package.  First you get a free little decal.  It's perfect for practice, but always cute enough to use on your wall, or your laptop or anything that needs a little perk up.  Next, you get a free installation tool.  It may seem like a throwaway, and when you're done with installing your decal, you'll probably shove it in your junk drawer or recycle it.

But everyone's noticing how handy these little guys are!  After working here for almost two years, I started to do a little research about our friend, the Chizler.  It turns out they were originally designed to remove ice from windshields!

Chizzler on windshield
Chizler on windshield
You'll find this little guy handy for so many things!  Yes, it does a great job of smoothing decals onto walls, as well as removing them when you're ready for a change. Because it safely lifts, scrapes, chisels and removes without scratching, you'll find it a versatile tool for many other uses. Real Simple magazine even did an article about the Chizler: "The $4 Cleaning Gadget Real Simple Editors Are Obsessed With".  You get one free with every decal purchase from Trading Phrases!  Or, you can purchase one here for just $1.99 (and free shipping!)
If the Chizler can clean this nasty grill in a matter of minutes, imagine what it can do in your home! 

Yes, the Chizler is a great tool for getting in every crack and crevice of anything you're cleaning, like grout, faucets, appliances, etc.  But check out some of its other uses: 
  • Crafting - Great for cleaning up and applying glue and paint
  • Dishes - Perfect for scraping cast iron pots, non-stick, and stoneware without scratching
  • Car detailing
  • Removing labels and other unwanted goo
  • Home improvement - removing and applying paint, wood stain, grout, bondo, etc
  • The list goes on and on! Check out more uses here

So throw one in your purse, stash one in your glove box, and put a couple in your cleaning supply cabinet.  You'll always have the right tool for the job!   
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Comments on The Chizler: Your New Best Friend!

Morgan 06-05-2017 03:25 PM
Just got back from a great camping trip. Not only are these great for getting your pots and pans clean but the little indent on one side makes them great for a spoon rest while camping. No more putting a spoon on a dirty picnic table or getting your table cloth dirty!
LYNN SCHEINOHA 01-18-2017 05:02 PM
I use these for Everything ! Great for cleaning bathtub (spray with whatever cleaner you like to use and scrape !) It's plastic so it won't scratch the tub ! Stove top - - all that stuff that spilled over ? Oven - takes all the baked on debris off the bottom ! GREAT for ice on your car windows (OMG - best tool ever found for that!) Love these things !

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