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Before and After Playroom Makeover

Before and After Playroom Makeover
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This awesome playroom transformation will have you cleaning out your kids spaces ASAP!

My daughter has an awkward-shaped playroom under our stairs. She loves the space for her smaller toys and we love that she gets to have everything tucked away. Last year, we cleaned out all of our outdoor cushions and Christmas junk that we normally put in there and let her pick out her very own color for the walls at Lowe's. We tried to steer her toward a pretty lavender, gray, even a light green...but she saw this BRIGHT obnoxious pink on the clearance cart and HAD TO HAVE IT. (Parents, you get it...it's not worth the fight!) 



It took about an hour to paint the room, but then it was ready...the glaringly pink room under the stairs. We often lovingly call it the "Hobbit Hole," sometimes the "Harry Potter Cupboard," and (since the paint job) most often "the pink room." The other day while she chattered away happily, I happened to peek in the room, I was floored! it was a total wreck. Now, she's a four year old. I recognize things get messy and I'd seen this room really messy before. However, the room was not only messy, but the walls were so overwhelmingly bright that I had to take a step back and blink my eyes. This room needed help! 


We went to Lowe's and I begged asked her to pick a new color, It will be fun I said! You can help, I said! Nope. She likes pink pink pink. Super. I remembered that I recently did some decals in my house from Trading Phrases. Maybe I could find something there to offset the glaring pink color? Perhaps? I did! I fell head over heels in love with these dots



I knew it would be super cute, but I had to debate for a while if I would get cute confetti colors (rainbow) or stick to a solid gold. I posed it to the toddler. Surprise, she picked "gold, like a princess hat," (read:crown). Shocker. I ordered and the dots came in only THREE DAYS. I was floored, and amazed. Rarely do projects come in the mail before I'm already dreaming up the next thing. I picked up a cardboard "A" from Hobby Lobby and slapped some navy paint on it. Navy, pink and gold go together, right? 





One day after work, I decided that it was time. This project was happening! I crawled in the Hobbit Hole, threw the junk into piles (and the garbage, shhhhh- she'll never know), and got to work! Once I had enough space to move around easily, I grabbed a sheet of dots and suck them all over my "A." Loving the look of it, I eyed the walls. Question: Should I come from the corner and cascade out like a confetti explosion, or should I do them uniformally around the space? This only stumped me for about 30 seconds. If I did them uniform I'd have to measure, and if she ever peeled any off, it would bother my minor OCD tendencies every time I walked into the room and saw it. 


I started sticking them up. About 10 minutes later, the whole room was done to my satisfaction. I had a LOT of dots left. I stuck the "A" up with some commando strip velcro (I love this stuff so much) in case I wanted to swap it out later. After seeing it all together, I wonder if I should have left the dots off of the letter. Is it too much? Give me your feedback! 


How did she react to the grand reveal? She squealed! For about 20 minutes of work, we are both really happy. Do I wish that she would change her mind on the color? Yes. Can I stomach it more easily now? Absolutely! 


For a final question...Does anyone know what else I should stick these gold dots on? I was amazed how many come in a set! 



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Samantha is a lady of many talents. When not playing with fun fonts and designs at Trading Phrases she enjoys the outdoors immensely- with her husband, their  6 year old daughter, 1 year old son, & 7 year old Siberian Husky go on many adventures hiking, kayaking and exploring what they can in Ohio. She also loves pizza. 

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