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Photo Contest 2016 Winners!

Photo Contest 2016 Winners!
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Synopsis: Check out the amazing submissions we got for our latest photo contest! Love them!
Photo Contest Results
Wow, we had such an AMAZING turn out for our photo contest this year. We want to thank every single person who submitted photos! Our office was able to narrow it down to 5 choices, and our facebook fans chose the winner. Check it out.

First place first!  These swirly circles make a HUGE impact in this office. What do you think? Find them on our website by clicking HERE. This customer used 3 sheets of small, two sheets of medium and two sheets of large to complete the whole room (check out photos of the rest of the room below) and she chose our Linen #82 color.

Second place is a combination of several of our decals. Check out this photo and this adorable kitty cat! This customer used the Believe it and Achieve It decal (White size 48 x 4.75"), the Running Girl decal (White size 36 x 27"), some photo frame decals (4 x 6" frames, white), and even some of our free promos from this winter!

Our Third Place winner are these sweet giraffes in a nursery. We love the colors used in this one, Granite 74 and Mint 55 (size 36 x 36")! 

Check out more of our amazing submissions below, this contest was super hard because we had so many beautiful images! 

This exercise room is made infinitely more awesome with a collection of motivating words on the wall! One of our most popular designs recently, this workout wall can certainly put you in the right mood to sweat!! 
This darling art wall was made for a daycare/preschool center... and we absolutely love the combination of artsy colors and the decal for a fabulous focal pop! 
What an inspiring reminder each day! 
We worked on this custom design for a police office in Arizona! A combination of printed and cut decals make this really stand out.
Speaking of offices, this one went all out with custom designs all down their hallway! We LOVE the pops of blue and tilted application of these quotes- it really makes them stand out!! 
This decal is such a beautiful reminder... especially when surrounded by as much family as this customer has! :) 
One of our most popular name designs, this decal combines a last name initial, last name, AND a year your family was first established in a classy piece of art. This customer chose to display it prominently in a stunning archway of their home, and we are definitely loving the look! 
This simply elegant swirl can add just that little extra oomph you need in your space. I love that this customer paired it with a wall hanging! 
This customer chose to have their word wall printed rather than cut, and we were able to match the centers' exact colors! When they messed up a line during application they simply removed it and centered the entire design (we would've sent another had they wanted). We love how it turned out! 
We've had a lot of fun with this customer. He has personalized his home that he has dubbed "The Lions Den" and has had several versions of cut and printed vinyl made for his home with his branding. 

This customer (the winner) sent in several photos of her room from different angles... we picked our favorite, above, but here are some others! 
This customer dressed up her shower door with this funny decal! 
One of our very favorite designs (and a top seller), this family quote looks amazing surrounded by a photo collage of this customer's family. Love it! 
This so very nearly made our top choices! We love everything about this photo, from the classy tray they made with our decals to the beautiful decor in the room. Ooh La La! 
Following the tray trend, this customer used our Chanel decals to make two stunning trays in black and white. Loveeee! 
We've got some kitty love in our submissions this round. This customer used several of our cat decals to create a fun focal wall around a beloved cartoon. 
This sweet tongue in cheek decal is perfect for wiener families! 
We love this beautiful rising sun, and the colors of this customer's bathroom. What a bright and cheery way to greet your morning!
We have always loved these paisley doodles! We've seen them on stairs, dressers, walls, and now baseboards! So awesome! 
We LOVE this idea! This customer put a decal of an open Parisian window on her roman shade- so even when her shade is down, she can feel like she's getting a stunning view. 
One of our very favorite designs (for obvious reasons- hello, food AND Julia child? Yes, please!). We love the pop of color at the bottom this customer used. 
For those women who can rock a sewing machine (and I am not one of them... and truly respect them, because it is a power I cannot seem to harness), this decal is perfect. I love that this customer put it right on the door! 
Love this stunning dress form combined with a motivating quote! Do yoga pants count? 
For those who love their furry pets! We love this decal combined with the darling illustrations of this customer's furry pals. 
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