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Newest Designs

Newest Designs
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Check out some of our favorite new designs, chosen by one of our designers!


We make a commitment at Trading Phrases to add new designs to the website every single week.  Sometimes, they are designs that we are inspired to create, and other times they are inspired by Custom Quote Requests from our customers. 

As one of the designers here, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite new designs that I have worked on recently.  Take and look and see if anything inspires you!

Who You Are Wall Decal

This was a design that I did for a customer who wanted this particular inspirational quote with a creative new look.
It's Good To Be Home Wall Decal

This cute decal is perfect for a mud room or any room welcoming you home at the end of the day!  It would also look cozy surrounded by family photos, because home is anywhere your family is. 

View Here

 Ability Motivation Attitude Wall Decal

This was another custom decal that I designed for an office.  It has already been very popular, with businesses and classrooms!
In This Family We Love Wall Decal

This is one of my newest designs.  I wanted to do a more modern take on the popular "In This Family" and "In this Home" decals.  It has already found a home with some special families!

View Here

Think Big Wall Decal

I did this design for one of our local companies, located just a few minutes from our office.  They recently moved office spaces,and were looking for a large decal that would be both attractive and inspiring,  This design would work great for any office, school, or studio!  You can arrange the design elements any way you like to fit your space. 
Welcome to Our Nest Wall Decal

Another one of my new favorites, this design is perfect for any home to welcome friends and family. This would look great on a wooden sign as well.  That way you can move in with you, in case you move nests!

View Here

Moon and Stars Wall Decal

Lastly, these decals were originally designed to be our promotional decals for this spring. They didn't make the cut (see what won, here!), but we liked them so much that I decided to make them larger, and add more stars.  Aren't these perfect for a nursery?

What are your favorite new designs?  How have you used decals in your home or business?  We'd love to see pictures!
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