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Favorite Summer Themed Wall Decals

Favorite Summer Themed Wall Decals
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Here is a collection of designer picked Summer themed wall decals!

Designer Picked favorite Summer themed wall decals, all in one place!

Summer time reminds me of living near the beach, where I could walk in the sand, swim in the water and hear the glorious sounds of beach life any day (caw, caw.) I miss tracking sand into my house on warm summer nights and taking long walks on the pier during the dusk hours. Now that I live inland, summer is not the same! Good thing I can decorate my house to remind me of the beach. Below are my absolute FAVORITE summer designs from our website!


Animals are perfect to decorate with. They can accent any room, from a kids room to your living room. Do you have a picture wall? Perhaps with your favorite vacation photos? Throw some seagulls around the photos to bring them back to life. 

Light Houses

Lighthouses are usually at the end of a beautiful pier. They come in different sizes! My favorite is the one on the left with the seagulls around it, it reminds me of home!  


Quotes can say whatever you want them to say. We have a lot of summer themed quotes already on our website, but don't forget that you can create your own with our free Custom Design service. Below we have the following quotes...

"Home... is where you hang your toes in the water!"

"Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"May you always have a shell in your pocket and sand in your shoes."

"Live in the sunshine, Swim in the Sea, Toast the Hour, Relax"





These anchors really weigh down any room, but in a good way! These three are designed to be as pleasing to the eye as possible. The quotes featured speak of Hope and the Soul. The third one has a unique and heartfelt story behind it...

A client of mine wanted a decal made to honor the men in her family. Not only is her son in the navy, but her husband AND father were as well. The Anchors Aweigh song is heard too often, and was used to create a shape of an anchor for her on her photo wall. She is very proud of her family, and wanted to honor them. 





In this first photo there are two decals. One is the starfish pattern, displayed on each side of the soffit, and a quote in the middle. The quote is the one from above that reads "May you always have a shell in your pocket and sand in your shoes." This came from a client’s beach house in Texas, and I am so in love with the turnout! The second is a sailboat, which, if you have ever lived by the water, really brings the seascape together. 


These cute and playful posters are designed here in our office for those with tropical celebrations. For my next vacation, I must get my family name on one of these with the date and location of our vacation. 


Of course, remember that you can always create a custom design of your own! 



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