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EASY Multi-Purpose Blocks

EASY Multi-Purpose Blocks
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Synopsis: Think INSIDE the blocks and put a fun spin on your holiday, seasonal, or everyday home decor with this easy and affordable project!


A Craft For... Well, ALL Year
If you are anything like me (read: busy, stressed, and envious of all the crafty moms out there and on pinterest), you want to make your house adorable for every season, follow every trend, and do every craft- but you don't have the time, patience or money. There are few crafts that I actually commit to, and fewer still that I actually complete. Well my friends... I've found the craft for us! Not only was it affordable; it was simple, adorable, and you can LITERALLY use it year-round and for multiple holidays. BOOM. 

Check it out! I made this (very low-budget/instagram) video with the final result. Read on for info on supplies you need and how to make your own! 

Holiday Block Craft
Holiday Block Craft
First, the damage:
  • Blocks. I already had mine from a past (never completed) project, but you can cut down a fence post at any local Lowes or Home Depot. The handy guys that work there will CUT IT FOR YOU. Life-hack. I recommend squares. Mine are 4 x 4" (x4x4x4...). 6 total.
  • Paint- I used chalk paint, but any paint will do, really. I also chose white because I wanted the project to be able to be used year-round. I played with many colors in my mind, but white seemed easiest. 
  • Decals- order here:
  • Paint Brush- I used foam 

Now the Process:
To start with I laid out all of my materials on some paper and painted the blocks. I did a pretty sloppy job of it and even had my toddler help. I wanted to do a thin coat on each so I could see a bit of the wood grain show through. I envisioned a rustic masterpiece... and I'm okay with the results, knowing how little effort I actually put in. To get a REAL rustic/distressed block check out some of our pins in our Do It Yourself board on pinterest here.

When they had dried I arranged them 1-6 and mentally assigned numbers to each. Then, I applied decals to each one. You can check out my guide below for getting the word arrangement I did, or go it on your own to make your own combinations. 
  • B Y N E (heart) (bunny)
  • H L R C (stars) (pumpkin)
  • A I E U O K
  • M O T I P (shamrock)
  • A S H J B K 
  • G V S M F R 
That is it. Literally. TWO STEPS and you are done. Now, you could probably seal them or finish them with a type of lacquer or mod-podge, but I didn't deem that necessary. I probably spent more time making word combinations and creating that instagram video than in adding all of the decals! 

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