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DIY Family Time Tray

DIY Family Time Tray
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Synopsis: Make a pretty tray that matches your decor and collects your family's electronics when you're spending time together. In just 5 minutes!



DIY Family Time Tray
It's Family Time.  You know what that means: No electronics! "Out of sight, out of mind" is the only thing that works for my family.  Otherwise, everyone's texting under the table (including me!).  Use this fun decal from Trading Phrases to create a tray, or some other designated space, to keep the electronics away at dinner time and any time you actually want to see your family's faces, instead of the tops of their heads.  It also doubles as a dice board for game night! 

I don't know if you can really call this a craft, because it's soooo easy, especially if you do it the way I did.  I just found a tray at the craft store (I think it was only $3) and stuck on my decal.  You can certainly get creative and fancy with your tray.  Buy an unfinished wood one and finish it yourself in any color you choose!  (You should probably add glitter and rhinestones, too).  

But if you're going to stick with the simple route, here is all you need for this 5 minute DIY: 

Family Time Decal
Installation tool and installation instructions (these will come with your decal!)

Step 1:  Cut apart your decal if necessary to arrange it on your tray how you like.  I wanted to put "It's Family Time" on the inside edge and "Hand over all electronics!" in the center. 

Step 2:  Apply your decals! Just peel off the back, rub on with the installation tool and slowly peel of the transfer tape.  

Step 3: Well.  I guess there is no Step 3.  You're already done !  Collect your family's phones and tablets and start spending some quality time together. 

When does your family have electronics free time?  What kind of things do you like to do together? 

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