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We LOVE Our Customers!!!

We LOVE Our Customers!!!
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Basically, we think you guys are the best... ever. 

Thursday is national "Customer Appreciation Day," but honestly, we celebrate this every day! Without you, our customers, there would be no us! We've had such a great journey with all of you! From our very first order solidifying that what we are doing really was special, to continued orders that allowed us to move the business from our living room to a small office, to doubling in size, to our current setup with additional businesses, 15+ employees, and over 5,000 designs!


We recognize that we would be nowhere without you. Unlike many of our competitors, we sincerely care about your opinion and desires. We offer FREE custom designs on our website so that you can come in and design your own decal at no charge to you. We offer FREE color sample requests because we want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase from day one. There's a FREE sample piece in every order so you can test your surface and technique before applying (and we let you vote every season on what you'd like to get free). All of this and so much more sets us apart... but I think my favorite method of customer interaction is our facebook page!


If you are a fan of ours on facebook- and chances you are with over 32,000 fans- you will see that we constantly ask for your opinion! We like to include our customers in all of our decisions. If we are considering a new promo (free practice design), we'll ask you to pick which one. If a designer can't decide which version of a design they like best, they'll ask you to vote on it. If we are trying out a new social network or product type, we'll ask what you think. We get SO much feedback this way that it's amazing!


My favorite aspect of my job here at Trading Phrases isn't design, or marketing, or anything else I do. It's getting customer photos! There is something so rewarding about seeing our hard work in  your homes, offices, cars, etc. I can't even tell you! I am constantly amazed by your creativity, your decor style, and your beautiful ideas!


I really can't thank each and every one of you enough! We truly love what we do. We think it shows through our products and our huge customer fan base! We've loved getting to know you and working hand-in-hand with you on your awesome projects, and we can't wait for many more years of the same.


If you really want to be involved make sure you fan us on facebook (HERE), pinterest (HERE), read our monthly newsletter (HERE), follow us on instagram (search TradingPhrases), and let us know of anything we are missing. We truly value your opinion- so if you ever find anything amiss or think we should be doing something we are not please let us know!


You guys are TOTALLY AWESOME and we love you all! From our family, to yours!








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