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Blogger Review: Birds and Birdcages in the Kitchen

Blogger Review: Birds and Birdcages in the Kitchen
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Birdcages in the kitchen? You bet! This reviewer added some birds and birdcage decals to her wall in the kitchen for a bit of fun, color, and whimsy! Installation tip: install the cage OVER the bird so that it appears the bird is inside the cage.

Hello Neighbors!

As you may have noticed, several posts recently have been about items for your home, home decorating, or cleaning and organizing your home. Well, I have another great one to share with you! Last week we really went through and organized the kitchen. All that is left is the pantry! Anyway, I received the opportunity to choose a wall decal from Trading Phrases. It was really hard to choose what I wanted, but we have a bare spot on our kitchen wall so I wanted something that would fit in there. After narrowing it down to about 3-4 choices, I decided on the Cage002.

The 2 pictures above of shots of the entire decal. Although the first one misses the extra bird.

This is of a branch coming out, with a birdcage hanging down, with falling leaves and several birds. It is designed so you can place some of the leaves and birds wherever you would like them. You can also choose the color of the branch and the birds, so you can color coordinate them with any room.

Here is an up close of the bird cage.

Trading Phrases was very quick about shipping my order. It came in right before we took our trip to Chicago, so I had to wait to put it up until we got back. My daughter actually put everything up while I directed. Can't climb up the step stool yet! We tried to decide ahead of time where we wanted to place each item. After you have your choices location selected and make sure the wall is clean and there are no nail holes, you can begin to apply the decal. Trading Phrases sends exact directions on how to apply, and it is so easy. We were able to apply the whole scene in about 15 minutes.

And this picture shows the birds on the branch.

First we placed the branch and the line coming down for the birdcage. Then we placed the bird that is sitting in the cage and layered the cage over him. After that we added the extra leaves and birds. I think it came out great!

Trading Phrases does carry many phrase decals too. Their decals can be placed on just about any wall in your home. They do suggest waiting 2 weeks before applying to a wall that has just been painted. These decals are not reusable, so make sure you are putting them where you really want them. Also, it is best to put your decals up soon after receiving them. The longer they sit, they get harder to work with, and may not adhere as well.

I personally really like my Trading Phrases Decal and would recommend them to my neighbors. They came with easy to follow directions and went up well.

Review courtesy of At The Fence.

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