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Adorable Fall Decorations DIY

Adorable Fall Decorations DIY
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Synopsis: It's Fall Y'all! Check out this adorable craft using tree rings/slices.
Lovely Logs 

Aren't these just the cutest things? My favorite part of ANY craft is when I can use it for more than one thing- or season. These are great because when fall is over you can flip them over and do something else on the other side... my brain is thinking an adorable stacked snowman, hmm? 

To get the look yourself you'll need:
  • Three tree ring rounds- get one with a chainsaw or cheat and buy them at Hobby Lobby like I did (don't forget your 40% off coupon, they always have one online). I got one large, one small and one medium- but do what feels right. 
  • Pumpkin orange paint or vinyl (I'll speak on this more later)
  • Painting supplies (if you paint)
  • Decals, I used It's Fall Y'all (here) and these pumpkin faces
  • Knick Knacks; little accents like burlap leaves or twine (we got ours at Joannes... coupons, people!) buckeyes (yeah, we live in OHIO), fall garlands, etc. 
Step 1: 
Paint or vinyl your "pumpkins." Now, we were about to paint, had the color mixed and ready... and then thought- hey, we own a vinyl studio... let's do that instead! So you can either buy a sheet of our vinyl and cut each to size (which is great because you can peel it off if you want to do something else with these wood rounds later) or you can paint. If you paint please
leave at least half an inch around the border to show that it is wood, we think it makes it cuter. 

cutie not included
Step 2: 
Apply decals- simply line up and follow instructions. 

Step 3 (optional):
Apply your accessories! Glue bark to the top sticking up to make it a "stem," add burlap leaves and curly-q pieces, add a fall garland... get funky with it! 


Step 4 (double optional):
Flip over and do something extravagant on the other side. Share with me (seriously, I need ideas)! 
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Samantha is a lady of many talents. When not playing with fun fonts and designs at Trading Phrases she enjoys the outdoors immensely- with her husband, their  6 year old daughter, 1 year old son, & 7 year old Siberian Husky go on many adventures hiking, kayaking and exploring what they can in Ohio. She also loves pizza. 

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