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June Newsletter

June Newsletter
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Synopsis: DIY Luminaries Craft, Summer Plans, & More.



June, 2013


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You love your country, and every year when the Fourth of July is creeping up on you- you wonder HOW you are going to decorate for it? We've got a beautiful (easy) solution that is both affordable and something you can bring out every year! 

This BLOG will detail what you need to do, but you'll be surprised what a few mason jars, decals, and a tea light will do!
Yay Summer!
I hope all of you have an entirely awesome summer planned this year- I know Trading Phrases does! Here are a few of the things we have in the works:
  • We are going to be on the news! ABC6/FOX28 came and filmed a "How It's Made" local segment and it will be airing Thursday 6/27 at 12:45pm on ABC and 7:45am on Fox- if you aren't in Ohio we'll be putting a link to the video on our facebook pageLike us on Facebook
  • HGTV Magazine just asked for some of our decals for a fall issue, so we can't wait to see what will come from that
  • Parade of Homes is going on right now and we are in THREE homes (read more and see photos here). 
  • Houzz- the giant home decor website is going to start selling products, and we are going to be one of the companies they start with. 
Whew, we are so excited for all of these things... and incredibly busy! Don't worry, no matter what we are still going to be the family run company you've grown to love. 
Trading Phrases has a Heart
At Trading Phrases we truly care about our customers- and we know that your home is your safe haven for comfort, love, and support- so when something awful happens... like Hurricane Sandy destroying many homes in New Jersey last year, it breaks our heart. 

We are in the home-beautification business, and one of our customers reached out to us on facebook Like us on Facebook when the hurricane struck and she not only lost her decals- but her walls, personal items, and much of her property.  You'll love her reaction when we replaced her decals for free- it was the least we could do! Read this BLOG for more information. 
Wishing you the very lovliest of summers- here's hoping you get to go out and enjoy it this year! :) 

Samantha & Morgan
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Hurricane Sandy
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This CAN be combined with items that are already on sale (like our luminary decals) but will not work on gift certificates or shipping. 
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