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Trading Phrases Has Gifts for EVERYONE

Trading Phrases Has Gifts for EVERYONE
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Do you have someone on your list who is really hard to shop for? We have a solution!

So, you have a long list of people to shop for this holiday season and about half of them seem impossible. What on Earth do you buy for the jaded teenager, the husband who buys himself everything, and the picky mother-in-law? I’m sure everyone can relate to at least ONE person who is a challenge every year- we asked our 30,000 facebook fans and most said in-laws pose the biggest challenge.

To help you simplify your list we’ve come up with the top 5 hardest people to shop for and our top 4 picks for that person- love them or leave them, we also have 4,000 OTHER designs on our site with the ability to custom make your own design with our trained designers at no charge to you… or, buy a personalized gift certificate from our site!


Whoa, so you’ve got a snarky teenager on your hands, huh? I know the type- you don’t know anything… least of all what THEY would want! Let me tell you a secret what they REALLY want for Christmas is to have you notice what they want- maybe something they didn't even KNOW they wanted. Sure, an ipad is cool- they would love that too, but does that really speak "I love you?" 




ART564 Bubble Dot Circles-

These spunky dots can be scattered around to decorate their whole room or just an accent wall, pick in colors to coordinate with their bedroom.  Suprise them with a room makeover or have them help you put them up after Christmas so they feel involved too! 

Find the dots on our site here to order. 





TREE403 Music Tree-

Teens love to express themselves, often, it is through music. Even if your teen is not a musician, chances are they like to jam to their music (often tasteless, often TOO loud). Even if you don't agree with their choice in music I'm sure everyone will agree that this tree is awesome! It is large enough it will be a focal piece in their room, but also inspiring and creative- something we want to encourage in our teenagers who are still figuring themselves out!

Choose your colors and sizes on the site HERE





BOY: MONO915 Varsity Letters-

This design is perfect for your teen boy. Let him express his individuality on the wall in his room with a giant initial and his name, varsity letters are great if he is into sports at all or maybe starting to think about college (certainly something to encourage).

Price- starts at $35 

Insert his name into this sporty decal HERE.  






GIRL: Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful BEA503-

This design is 100% perfect for a teenage girl, just coming into their own identity and starting to form opinions about what “beauty” really is. In this day and age it is so simple to get wrapped up in the perfect body and life, which most teenagers don’t feel they represent. Put this decal in their room (above a mirror, closet, etc) or the bathroom mirror- make them feel loved and confident every day before they head off to school.

Price: Starting at $39.99

Check it out on our website HERE




Husband and/or Father

Okay, so this guy has it all figured out- he wants something, he gets it! Buying gifts for him is hard every year because everything he wants he has… and who wants to unwrap socks every year- even if you need them? Lets face it- men are not the target audience for wall decals… but that doesn’t stop us from having some super awesome designs that even HE would appreciate!


LYR901- I get by with a little help from my friends

Maybe your husband is into music, maybe he just enjoys a good guys night every so often... either way this quote will strike a chord (har har). Inspiring, yet casual, who wouldn’t relate to the Beetles in a time of need?

Price: starting at 24.99

Check out our sizes and colors offered HERE







KIT505 Seize the beer

Let’s face it- men love beer (okay, most men). This beautiful, yet masculine, design can come in any two colors you choose. Sometimes your guy may need a reminder to cut loose a bit and go for what he wants- in this case, it might be a cold brewski after work… remind him to corripe cervisiam and relax! I can see this wrapped up with a quality 6 pack under the tree- though, I will warm you… he might like this quote enough he’ll want to hang it in a place of honor!

Price: Starts at $44.99

Find the decal on our website with THIS link. 






MAN400- personalized man cave sign

Does your man have a room, garage, or even a closet that he likes to go and do his own thing in his own house with his own STUFF (the contents of which we’d really rather not know)? If so, this is the perfect design to label that- slap it on the door warning others they are about to enter an unmentionable area. His friends will be jealous you are such an awesome wife, and you’ll get tons of kudo points. Bonus- this one you can even put his name in, he’ll think you handcrafted it!

Want to go big? MAKE him his own space/man cave this holiday season… if he doesn’t already have one designate an area for him- put his favorite things in it & make it cozy- use this decal as the big reveal… “Tommy’s Man Cave” you shouldn’t have. 

Price: Starting at $39.99    Find it to order HERE



Yeah, I get it- normally this category is a huge challenge. I NEVER know what to get my own mother (and judging by some of the gifts I’ve gotten… my husband never knows what to get for ME)! Thankfully, our site is mostly focused on exactly this category- even if you don’t like our next three TOP sellers… I guarantee there is something for this special lady on our site. If you can’t find ANYTHING she would like on our site- call me personally… I’d love to be astounded.



CUS830 Home is Where

This is our number one seller- and I’m sure it didn’t get to be that way for no reason (and it isn’t just because I designed it… and I’m pretty awesome). This design captures the essence of home and family (something we women try very hard to make PERFECT), while at the same time making your family members feel loved & appreciated- heck, you are spelling it out right on the wall! With this one we have several sizing variants as well as the ability to get the accent words in a different color. 


Pricing: Starts at $44.99

You can find the regular sizes of the product HERE or if you are looking for an even larger version we have our large sizes HERE




TREE913 Blossom Tree

Originally we made this tree to be a beautiful blowing tree to cover a larger space with less vinyl (basically you can cover an entire wall for 1/3 the cost!), what we quickly realized was that people wanted it for a totally different reason- a beautiful, huge, family tree! Our customers quickly adapted our idea and began hanging their picture frames over the branches… essentially creating a family tree right on their wall. You wouldn’t even believe how beautifully these turn out- and for very little effort! This tree makes a beautiful statement wall & every one of your guests will ooh & aah imagining you spending all the time painting... just picture your wife or mother walking in to this installed in your living room- family photos and all. Picture perfect!

Pricing starts at $84.99

Find ALL the options HERE



ART910 Ornate Baroque

With 6 styles to choose from the hardest part about buying this design is settling on which type, color and size you want! This design is really popular to make a wall in your home POP! Her friends will be in awe thinking that she bought fancy wallpaper or did those by hand… only you and she will know that it was actually much simpler & created such a beautiful effect in about ½ an hour.

Pricing starts at $39.99

Find the different style choices on our site HERE







If all else fails- we can help you turn a favorite photo into a work of art to hang in your home. We print to poster paper will create a wrapped canvas for you. Check out all the different options here. 

Whew- that was easier than you though, huh? If not, you can check out our best sellers, our designer favorites, a name or monogram design (everyone loves personalized gifts) or heck, design your own free of charge HERE! Don’t have time for all of that searching and designing? We’ve got you covered there, too... you can order a gift certificate to be mailed directly to the person of your choice OR emailed right to you to designate as you please (put in a pretty card, or with another small present). Still stumped- feel free to call or email us, we are really great at helping- it is our job! phone: 800.615.6473

email: info@tradingphrases.com 


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