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Trading Phrases Has a Heart

Trading Phrases Has a Heart
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Synopsis: When Hurricane Sandy struck we were heartbroken, several months later, as homes are being rebuilt we can finally help make them more homey- this is the story of us helping a customer replace her decals.

At Trading Phrases, we truly care about our customers and we know that your home is your safe haven for comfort, love, and support. So when something awful happens, like Hurricane Sandy destroying many homes in New Jersey last year, it breaks our hearts. We are in the home-beautification business, and one of our customers reached out to us on Facebook when the hurricane struck. She not only lost her decals...but also her walls, personal items, and much of her property. 

"I am a fan of trading Phrases on Facebook, and also a past customer. I was given your contact information after an online conversation on the Trading Phrases Facebook page, regarding a discount offer. I made a comment that I would LOVE a discount, because when our home was destroyed during Hurricane Sandy, our walls came down with my phrases still on them. 

We officially have new walls now, ( we came home in April) and I would truly love to replace the phrases I had on my walls. It would bring back a wonderful feeling of " home" and what our house WAS before the storm!

I had been waiting, since repairing our home to livable conditions was getting expensive, but we are home now, and the possibility of restoring the look of our home is within reach ! 

I would like to work with a rep. to design some new phrases, and replace my old ones if they are still on file.

Thank You, so much, for any help you can give!"

We replaced her items free that week. She has received them and says they look wonderful! Here is her reply:

"OH MY GOD !!! Are you totally serious ??? I was hoping for a discount, but .... WOW. THANK YOU so very, very much!!!! 

I hate to sound so " Jersey " , but, HOLY CRAP !!!! 

Thank You for your generosity, and kindness. And for telling the truth when they said " Trading Phrases has a heart " !  Very few companies would do something like this, and I sincerely appreciate that Trading Phrases is such an exception to that .

Thank You, again!!!"

We love to help out where we can and we truly hope that you'll reach out to us if something horrible happens to your home (but we are sincerely hoping it doesn't!).

After this, Louise just posted this on our Facebook wall  about getting her decals, and we thought it would be good to share! 

Dear Trading Phrases,

THANK YOU for being such an amazing company ! I recently received a wonderful gift from you.
When I posted on your company's Facebook wall that I would like to be included in a discount that was offered, because all on my phrases had been lost when our walls were torn down after Super Storm Sandy, your amazing Marketing Director, Samantha, reached out to me. She looked up the phrases that I had ordered before, and literally an hour later, I received a Fedex notice that replacement pieces were being shipped out. At no cost to me!!! 

We are replacing our hangings this weekend and will post pictures of what they look like in our home. But I wanted to say THANK YOU , so sincerely, for your generosity. My home will now have a feel of what it used to be, a sense of " home" with things that were here " before ". It is a lovely reminder that we have , in fact, come through the storm. 

What a big heart your company has! Thank you for putting happiness before profit!!! I am a customer for life now!

Warmest Regards,
Louise G.

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