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The Mural was a Deal Breaker

The Mural was a Deal Breaker
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Synopsis: Why wall decals are a better choice for your walls than hand painted murals or stencils.

We once decided not to buy a house because of the murals painted on the walls. They were beautiful and were professionally done. Unfortunately they were painted for small children, and Peter Rabbit just wouldn’t work for our teenagers. I knew I didn’t want to be the one to paint over the beautiful details, I knew how much work went into them and how much detail was in them, and I thought that maybe another family with younger children ought to have the chance at the house. It likely wasn’t the only deciding factor, but it is the only one I can think of five years later. I'm sure that they had more than one real estate agent tell them to paint over them, but just couldn't do it either.

The typical TV shows about buying and selling property all proclaim loudly that you need to neutralize the space, make it look like anyone can live there. That is great for staging, but for the rest of the time, you do want to personalize your space. You don’t want your décor to look like what is across the street or down the block. You want to feel energy and comfort in your home, and that means surrounding yourself with things that you love, not simply duplicating a Pottery Barn catalog. Wall decals are a great way of blending the two schools of thought. Decals add the hand painted look to a room and add personality and charm to your walls. They are also 100% removable when you are ready for a change, or when you need to go to the staging step to sell. If those children’s murals had been wall decals from Trading Phrases, we might well be living in a different house today—you just never know.  


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