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Quatrefoil Design Spotlight!

Quatrefoil Design Spotlight!
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We've had our eye on the quatrefoil pattern for a long time now. Read to see how we've seen it used and for information on a new design!

Quatrefoil, noun \?ka-t?r-?fo?i(-?)l, ?ka-tr?-\

1. a leaf composed of four leaflets. 2. a carved ornament having four foils arranged about a common center, esp. one used in tracery.


If you are like me, the term 'quatrefoil' may be unfamiliar, but chances are you've seen this little bugger everywhere you go. It takes many different forms, but follows the same basic principles defined above. Sometimes it looks like this:



Or like this:



Or even like this:



No matter where you see it, the quatrefoil design is regarded as being synonymous with fanciness. Whether it be part of a storefront façade, as below:



Or on cathedral walls:




Or merely on everyday objects such as light fixtures or staircases:




We know, though, that not everyone has the time, money, or inclination to carve intricate quatrefoil designs into giant pieces of granite or to have custom built ceramic tiles for their kitchen. 

So, if you are looking to update your house on a budget, are renting an apartment or home where you are not allowed to make drastic changes, or if you simply want to avoid the time and hassle of a large construction project look no further! We now offer a snazzy quatrefoil decal that can be sized, cut and applied to any space! It's a great solution!



The quatrefoil design comes in multiple sizes, in any of our 63 colors. The geometric nature of the design allows for custom cutting between shapes and easy realignment to allow for a snug fit into whatever space you may be applying. 



For example:  The space above measured out to be about 54in wide x 24in tall. Now the biggest size we offer is 46in x 46in and I wanted my quatrefoils to be a little on the large size, so I went with it.  After measuring my space, I cut the decal into a 24in height midway between two of the quatrefoil designs.  After carefully applying the decal, it was time to take care of the extra 8in of space that exceeded my 46in decal. Since the edges of this design are all ‘open’ or half quatrefoils, it made cutting an aligning a breeze.  I cut out an 8in x 24in section from my remaining decal and aligned it with what was already up on the wall.  There is a small seam between the two decals but only noticeable upon very close inspection!

After a bit of measuring and a smidgen of elbow grease, I was able to get this beauty up and running in no time.  The great news is that I can take it down when I move or change to a new pattern if I ever get the inkling for something different. We offer quatrefoil products here and here!

So what do you think?  I love it and all of my friends love it! If you need a custom pattern, you can always fill out a design change request here on the website and work directly with a designer to get the decal you need! 

And just so you all know, Trading Phrases always offers free shipping on orders over $75, free color samples, and a free practice design and installation tool are included with every order! Don’t forget that our friendly customer service staff is always available via e-mail and phone to help you out with your trickiest decal problems!

Remember… your walls should make you smile! 

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