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New Photos Summer 2014

New Photos Summer 2014
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Synopsis: Our photo contest wrapped up at the same time the local Parade of Homes did- and we've got some awesome photos to share with you of both!


We just wrapped up a photo contest where our awesome customers sent in photos of our decals up in their homes/businesses/wherever- and we are so giddy with the submissions! At the same time our decals were featured in the local Parade of Homes, and we ran through all the homes to snap pictures of our decals on display. Check out the results below!


Click the photos to be taken to the design on our website:



This customer sent in photos of 3 decals! 

J.J. here lives in a home, and he signed thank you to us! Can't get much sweeter than that!


This custom design was made for a new restaurant- how amazing does it look?

Free dots come with every order right now- you can doll up a book shelf like this customer!






















Parade of Homes Photos!












can you spot the TWO decals in this room?

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Samantha Vargo

Samantha is a lady of many talents. When not playing with fun fonts and designs at Trading Phrases she enjoys the outdoors immensely- with her husband, their  6 year old daughter, 1 year old son, & 7 year old Siberian Husky go on many adventures hiking, kayaking and exploring what they can in Ohio. She also loves pizza. 

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