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Downsizing Decor — Keep It Personal

Downsizing Decor — Keep It Personal
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Synopsis: Decorate with things that you love

Downsizing Decor — Keep It Personal

I recently read about a decorating strategy from Sunset magazine. It talked about keeping décor minimal and choosing pieces that have meaning. I remember doing that back when we moved into our first apartment. It is good to know that we were actually strategizing about not filling our space with random tzchotkes—not that we could actually afford anything. I agree with the idea of making sure that you surround yourself with things that mean something to you. I think it’s easy to take it one further and add a personal and meaningful touch to a blank wall using vinyl wall decals. We have several artistic graphics that have random elements that can fill an entire wall, but we have even more quotes and sayings that make your walls say more than a piece of mass-produced art ever will. Add a bit of humor, choose colors that match or elevate your décor, or have one of our designers create a personalized statement that reminds you of someone, someplace, or something that has meaning. Decorating is all about making you feel good in your own space, and wall graphics are the perfect touch.   

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