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Design Your Own Quote!

Design Your Own Quote!
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Synopsis: Got an idea for a custom design? We have a few options to get started on a free design process.

Design Your Own Quote! 

Okay so you love our website, and you are so very inspired by what you see… but you’ve spent hours and hours and just didn’t find the design you wanted? You have something in mind, a quote you saw on a poster, something your grandma always said to you… something you’ve always wanted, but you couldn’t find it on our site? We have a simple solution- design it!

We offer several ways for you to easily get your design up on the wall- here are your options:

  1. Fill out a custom quote request form and a designer will get in touch with you within 24 hours with a mock-up. You will work with this designer through email until your design is perfected with mock-ups every step of the way. This option may take a day or two, but is perfect for the busy man/woman with a job or a family that they can only reply to emails at lunch breaks, late at night, or from their phone. Convenient and easy.
  2. Like a current design but want to tweak something? We can do that! Fill out a Design Change Request form and work with a designer through email to fix this design to match your needs.
  3. The fastest option out there for someone who only has half an hour to spend on a project is to schedule a Design Session with a designer where the designer would call you and you can see her screen as you work through the design together. It is a 30 minute phone session where you’ll need to download a very safe program to your computer called GoToMeeting in order to see her screen- it is very cool.

No matter what you choose our designers will bend over backwards to get you what you need. We reply to all emails within 24 hours, and usually much before that.  Sessions fill up fast, so get yours at a time that is convenient for you! As always, we look forward to working with you, and can’t wait to see how your design turns out.

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