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Blogger Review: Joy, Laughter, Possibilities

Blogger Review: Joy, Laughter, Possibilities
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Synopsis: From a decal novice to expert in no time flat! Wall decals make you look like a design star in your own home! See the steps right here.

I was so ecstatic to do a review for Trading Phrases because I've actually never tried wall decals before.  My sister has a bunch on her walls and I think it adds a great personal touch to any room.  What I like best is that they go on so sheen that you can't tell it was done by an amateur!   For my review I received an elegant wall quote of which I picked colors for - copper and black. My order came super quick and in a tube so no bends or wrinkles during shipment. 

I was a little nervous at first because I didn't want to mess it up putting it on.  But the lovely people at Trading Phrases also sent me a couple small decals to try first!  So, I actually got to practice which was great!  They also sent a  Chizzler scraper so I can press out the image on the wall along with easy to follow instructions.

Practice Decals
Easy to Follow Instuctions
 My Order - May our home know joy, each room hold laughter, every window open to great possibilities...

In case you've never tried wall decals before here's basically how it works.  You tape the image on the wall where you want it to go.  Here's the before:


After you have it even and are satisfied, you then smooth the surface with a credit card or the Chizzler scraper they send you.




Then you just gently peel away at the outer layer. 



And Voila!
The one I actually ordered I did in 3 steps since it was much bigger.  I cut out each line and put them up separately.  I am so absolutely pleased with my first vinyl wall decal that I'm ready for another!!  I love it!  It's beautiful and such an eye catcher.  Here's a few shots of the one I ordered on the wall.
Front View
Side View
Close Up - Notice the Copper color - it's prettier in person!
After seeing how cool these turned out, I'm sure your wondering how you could personalize your own space!  Here are some fun facts about Trading Phrases:
  • They ship to all 50 States!
  • They offer over 1400 designs (with more added every day), 64 color options, and size and personalization options add up to over 350,000 ways to have it your way.
  • Each order includes a practice piece to test the surface and the installation technique, full installation instructions, a promotional design, and a handy Chizzler scraper to make installation (and removal) a breeze.
  • Their decals can be off the wall, and work well on any smooth solid surface such as tile, mirror, glass, furniture, doors, floors, and everywhere in between. 
  •  You can order a your very own wall decal or customize your own 

Review by The Frugal Bug

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