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Blogger Review: Happiness is Priceless Decal

Blogger Review: Happiness is Priceless Decal
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Synopsis: Use wall decals to create a focal point in a large blank area. In this case, a little help goes a long way!

We have been redecorating our home lately and we changed our main living area a lot. As I was standing in the room looking around, I realized there was something missing. There was a BIG blank wall with nothing on it. There are windows all against that wall so I couldn't really put pictures, but it needed something to tie the room together. That's where Trading Phrases came in. Trading Phrases has so many different wall decals to choose from for every room in the house. Here are just a few of my favorites:

I was so excited when Trading Phrases agreed to be apart of the birthday bash. I had the hardest time choosing the perfect decal for our main living area. I finally chose the Happiness is Priceless wall decal in black, size 60 x 15.
The phrase arrived rolled up in a tube so that it didn't get damaged. The instructions were very easy to follow, but definitely be sure to read all of the instructions and follow every single one of them. We read that you were supposed to clean the wall and I told that to my husband and he said not to worry about it that it was clean. Well, the decals had a hard time sticking to the wall since we didn't do that, so next time I will definitely follow all of the instructions no matter what my husband says! We had a very large wall decal so it took both my husband and I to hang it up and then it took almost 30 minutes to peel off the entire phrase. It does come with a Trading Phrases plastic tool that helps you to smooth the decals onto the wall.
Once we were done, it looked beautiful! I feel like it ties our whole area together and I love looking at it. Here is what our room looked like before we put up the phrase:
Now look at how beautiful it looks:

 Inside my package was also a fun little surprise, I was given a few more small wall decals! One had orange leaves and squiggles and then the other was "Life Is Good" in white. I had the perfect spot for them in our family room. Here is what the wall looked like before:

I was able to put up this wall decal by myself since it wasn't as high up and it wasn't as big. This time I made sure to wash the walls and it stuck perfectly. It also took only about 10 minutes total to put up the phrase and leaves. Here is what my wall looked like when I was done:

I love it! I do wish I had put the leaves out a little differently, but I once again listened to my husband and put them the way he wanted me too. I still love it and can't wait to purchase more.
So let your walls express who you are and go to Trading Phrases and order your wall decals today!
Review by the Second Time Around.


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