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Back to School= House Back to Normal

Back to School= House Back to Normal
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Synopsis: The kids are back at school, and looking around- your house may need some help after a summer of fun. We've compiled 5 easy and affordable ideas to get your home, and you, back on track before the holidays hit. Read more from our awesome guest-blogger Stacy!

Finally, the long summer is nearing an end and your kids are heading off to school; some for the first time, some for the last. It is bittersweet- soon, your house will not be over-run with kids, but you MIGHT miss the noise and messes. Maybe. 


As they flee the nest for school, and you get several blissful hours of respite every day, you may sit back and look at your home and deem that it needs a bit of a face lift after a strenuous summer. Maybe a fresh coat of paint, maybe replacing that couch that was bounced on too many times, or maybe simply surprising the kids with a room makeover is in order. We are with you- at the end of every summer we always try to do one or two small things to spruce the house back up before the holidays (and family) descend on us. 


Now, budgets are tight, we get it! We've compiled a list of the top 5 ways we give our home a pick-me-up when the kids go back to school that you can TOTALLY do yourself. Pick one, pick two, or do the whole list- no matter what, small steps add up! 


1. Paint. This is simple and completely obvious! Painting your entire living room may be too much for you, or maybe you really like the color, that is fine. Sometimes the walls can just use a good scrub after the kids have had their way with them- chocolate fingerprints and crayons be gone! We love a Magic Eraser to get rid of the gunk and give our walls new life. If you DO decide to paint, may we recommend a good stark white for your baseboards? It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint on these unassuming boards can do to your home. Whether they are already white and just scuffed from years of abuse or they are original wood/brown, the look will be amazing- and trim paint isn't very expensive! 


Bold colors + Thick white trim: Clean and stunning!


2. Storage. You look around right now and what do you see? Most likely- clutter. You've got toys, books, and knick-knacks galore on every surface. It is inevitable, and if you aren't dillegent about keeping up with it, clutter very quickly amasses into a huge disaster! The fastest way to revamp your home is to reduce, reuse, and recycle! While the kids are away (believe me, you don't want them here for this) knock out their stuff first- it is easiest and once you are done you'll feel empowered enough to take on your own belongings. Sort into piles: a.) Stuff to keep b.) Stuff to donate or sell c.) Stuff to trash. Immediately get rid of the trash either with black backs or driving it to a dumpster (they will never know). Donate and sell the other items, but keep them in the garage or somewhere out of sight so little eyes don't remember that toy they haven't played with in 2 years and demand it. With your keepers- organize, organize, organize! Bins, tubs, boxes, shelves, or anything that keeps these beasties off the floor and on tables are good, do this asap! Now that the kids' items are tackled, do the same thing with your stuff- it is a little harder, so if you need a friend to come swap houses with you and do the dirty work while you do theirs, it is a good idea! 


Embrace the cubbies!

3. Fixtures and Knobs. This is probably one of the most simple projects, but the cost can really add up. Evaluate your doorknobs, dresser pulls, faucets, light fixtures, etc. and see if there are any that you really think could use updating. Then  do one of two things: refinish or replace. Refinishing a doorknob, light fixture or faucet is really simple; remove it from it's home, spray paint it with a nice finish like THIS and replace. Replacing is arguably as simple, but a bit more pricey. Check out craigslist or other deal sites if you have a look in mind, if not, head to your nearest Lowes! 


Some spray paint and time

4. Decor. It is very easy to get in a decorating rut. You've had the same style for years, and despite repeated cleaning, organizing and occasional refreshing you are subliminally TIRED of the same old look. It doesn't have to cost you hundreds of dollars to change your decor, it could be simply picking up little items when you run to the store or thrifting (upcycling old thrift finds is an awesome way to decorate). You don't have to buy it all at once, and it doesn't all have to "match," some of the best decorated rooms are eclectic and full of personality! We recommend checking out Trading Phrases for awesome inspiration- not only do they have thousands of photos of beautifully decorated rooms (every room in your house), but a fantastic selection of wall decals and prints. Add a statement to your walls that really speaks about what your family means to you, or welcome your guests with an inspiring phrase or something clever- every time you see it you'll get a smile on your face... and they are well priced, high quality, and you can install them yourself in minutes! 



5. Reorganize. Move your couch to a different corner, and put your TV in a different room. Move the bed and dresser to different walls. Switch around the kids room with the guest room. Nothing in the world beats a FREE way to look at your home differently. Maybe the new way will be worlds better, maybe you'll want to switch it back- either way, it didn't cost you a dime, so you have nothing to lose! 



Need more fab decorating ideas and inspirations? Check out these awesome pinterest boards for ideas! 


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