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Wall Runners

One of our latest creations is a fun way to accent your walls (or furniture, or floors, or...). Wall Runners let you add color, drama, vibrancy, and a touch of whimsy to your overall decor, without having to apply messy wallpaper. Your original wall color shows through since these are made of pre-spaced cut vinyl. They look hand painted, and are 100% removable when you're ready for a change! They are created in widths of 28" or 18" and can cover an entire wall, or add a vibrant accent 'stripe' to any wall to add interest and drama. The runners are all a single color, which adds to the visual interest. Try something unexpected and out of the ordinary with your walls!


Chevron Wall Runner


Christmas Ho Ho Ho Wall Runner


Christmas Holly Wall Runner


Cutwork Wall Runner

SKU: WP904

Exercise Room Wall Decal


Fancy French Wall Runner

SKU: WP910

Floral Ironwork Wall Runner


Funky Fans Wall Runner

SKU: WP908

Funky Fronds Wall Runner

SKU: WP909

Iron Scrollwork Wall Runner

SKU: WP911

Leaf Wall Runner


Leaves Wall Runner

SKU: WP912

Line Dots Wall Runner

SKU: WP903

Paisley Wall Runner

SKU: WP914

Plaid Wall Runner

SKU: WP905

Quatre Foil Wall Runner


Retro Wall Runners

SKU: WP906

Sunflowers Wall Runner

SKU: WP913

Swirls Wall Runner

SKU: WP901

Talk Balloon Wall Runner

SKU: WP907
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